Four-Channel DVR Adds Reliability to Your Video Surveillance System

  • Professional 4-channel digital video recorder
  • 80GB hard drive provides up to 1200 hours of recording
  • Search recorded video by time, date or event

    Don't trust your home's security to an old VCR and multiplexer! Record up to four cameras' feeds onto the 4-Channel DVR w/80GB Hard Drive, which is expandable to a 250GB hard drive. Add a monitor (sold separately) to watch the feed from any of four cameras, or opt for the Picture-in-Picture or Picture-on-Picture viewing mode. You can even control the 4-Channel DVR remotely through a video server (sold separately).

    All recording parameters are configurable onto the hard disc drive. Choose from three different recording settings: In the multiplex setting, the 4-Channel DVR will record all cameras in individual, full-screen samples. Conversely, you can record in a quad split screen, either with images saved as a complete frame or one field at a time. The selected IPS (up to 30 images per second) and quality will determine how long the DVR will record.

    The 4-Channel DVR w/80G Hard Drive also features four different recording modes. In timed recording, you can schedule times, days, or days of the week for the DVR to record automatically. Additionally, you can set the DVR to record upon motion detection, in the event of an alarm, or manually. A buzzer can sound when an external alarm event occurs or upon the loss of a video signal from any of the channel inputs.

    Searching for recorded data has various options as well. Play the last recorded video event, choose from all recorded video on the hard drive, see a list of all captured video triggered by an alarm or motion detectors, or search by a specific date and time.

    This multiple-channel DVR will toggle among the four different feeds for viewing, but you can select the time duration between each channel rotation in the camera sequence mode. Additionally, you can determine the period of time a single camera is focused on after an alarm on that camera is triggered.

    Set the remote mode for connection to a computer via the RS-232 or RS-485 port. This allows for the control of the unit only, no viewing. Sets the baud rate at which the RS-232 or RS-485 input and the computer communicate between 1200 and 115,200. Up to eight users can have access to your account; only those registered as supervisors can control the functions, with optional password protection for each account.

    The event log keeps a record of all errors and alarms that may occur on the DVR up to 256 events, each of which is stored with a Time/Date Stamp. Additional features include a back-up battery that can supply power for 48 hours.


    Lorex Product No.:


    13.5" W x 8.78" H x 2.32" D (343mm W x 223mm H x 59mm D)

    5.55 lbs. (2.52kg)

    Video Format:

    Hard Disk Storage:
    IDE type, UDMA 66, supported over 250 GB HDD

    Recording Mode:

    Camera Input Signal:
    Composite video signal 1 Vp-p 75 Ohms BNC, 4 channels

    Main Monitor Output:
    Composite video signal 1 Vp-p 75 Ohms BNC

    Call Monitor Output:
    Composite video signal 1 Vp-p 75 Ohms BNC

    Motion Detect Area:
    16, 12 targets per camera

    Motion Detect Sensitivity:
    99 levels

    Video Loss Detection:

    Refresh Rate:
    Up to 240 fields/sec.

    Recording Rate:
    Up to 240 fields/sec.

    Dwell Time:
    Programmable (1~15 sec.)

    Picture in Picture:
    Yes (movable)

    Key Lock:

    Picture Zoom:
    2*2~4*4 (movable)

    Camera Title:
    8 letters

    Video Adjustable:
    Hue/color/contrast/brightness adjustable

    Alarm Input:
    TTL input, Hi (5V), Low (GND)

    Alarm Output:

    Remote Control:
    RS-232 or RS-485

    Time Display Format:

    Power Source:
    DC 19V, AC 90-220V, 47Hz~63Hz

    Power Consumption:

    RS-232C / RS-485 (bps):

    Operating Temperature:
    50กใ F to 104กใ F (10กใ C to 40กใ C)

    FCC, EMC, LVD compliant

  • 4-Channel DVR w/80G Hard Drive

  • Owner's manual

  • Power adapter & cord (DC 19V, 2A)

  • Accessories pack, including the external alarm block