FREE Controller Plus Pack
Controller Plus Pack FREE Bonus! The Controller Plus Pack
Put control of lights and appliances in the palm of your hand – FREE!

It’s not being lazy, it’s being smart. With your FREE Controller Plus Pack you can control lights, appliances, and more right from your PC, couch, bed – or anywhere you like. This FREE pack includes a 4-Pack Firecracker Automation System, a Platinum Universal Remote, and a FREE $20 Gift Certificate to help you complete your remote control system.

Control your lights via remote or PC!
Take full control of your home’s lighting with this FREE Controller Plus Pack! You’ll be able to control any lamp with the included kit. Just imagine the look on your friend’s face when you click a button on a remote control (or even your PC) and the lamp across the room turns on! That’s what home automation is all about! With this impressive technology, you can control your entire home with one device that fits in the palm of your hand!

One Remote Does it All
This 5-in-1 Universal Remote controls your TV, VCR, Cable, Satellite Dish as well as the bonus X10 "Super Key" function in a convenient and uncluttered design. The X10 "Super Key" function allows you to control your lights and appliances without having to be in the same room. Within minutes you can be using the Platinum Remote to dim the lights, start brewing a fresh pot of coffee, and play your favorite movie! The special "home control" feature works in conjunction with the wireless transceiver (RR501 or TM751), or any any X10 security system base receiver to communicate RF commands.

Have 3-4 remotes? One for the TV, one for the VCR, etc. This 5-in-1 remote replaces up to 5 remotes. Its extensive library includes codes for most TVs, VCRs, cable boxes etc. Easy to set up - just look up the code for the TV, VCR etc. and enter it into the remote using a simple key sequence.

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