Extend the Cable on Your New Camera Easily with This Extension Kit!

  • Extend your camera's cable
  • Fitted with RCA-style connector

    Now it's easier than ever to mount your new camera just about anywhere you would like. Don't waste time soldering or crimping together your own cables or voiding the warranty by splicing in your own wires. Most cameras we carry only have a few feet of cable coming off the camera. This 65-Foot Video & Power Extension Cable kit includes extensions for the power and the video signals. A coupler cable is included just in case the camera's output cable is the wrong gender.

    Maximum distance with this 65-Foot Video & Power Extension Cable kit is about 300 feet. Beyond that you'll need thicker cable (RG-59) for the video signal and (18 awg) power; use the CCTV Combo Cable.

    You will also need a BNC to RCA Adapter to change the camera's video output connector from a BNC fitting to an RCA output.


    Strategic Vista Corp. Product No.:

    Maximum distance:
    Approx. 300 ft.

  • 65-Foot Video & Power Extension Cable

  • Coupler cable