Expanded "Gift Card Division" Allows Small Retailers and Restaurateurs to Put on Their Party Hat

Until recently only the big box stores and chain restaurants like Borders and Starbucks could afford to offer gift card programs.

February 18, 2005 -- Until recently only the big box stores and chain restaurants like Borders and Starbucks could afford to offer gift card programs.

Now "mom and pops" and other smaller independent shops can join the party.

A newly expanded and improved "Gift Card Division" has been unveiled by Swipe It Technology, based in Sharon, Mass. and serving customers throughout the U.S. Swipe It has been offering both gift and loyalty card programs since 2001 and have become the largest local provider. The company has taken their four years of experience to develop a program specifically designed for smaller companies.

The new division makes it affordable to the little guy to market like their 800 pound gorilla competition. The nimble division allows purchases of as few as 500 gift cards and assists the merchant with the development of the entire gift card program C from design and production of the card to promotion within the store to the technology utilized to maximize the potential of customer information tracking.

Swipe It Technology offers an array of promotional products, including: table tents, posters, inserts, personalized pens or t-shirts, and any other marketing materials to create customer awareness and participation.

"The gift card industry continues to grow in consumer acceptance with the passing of each year. What was once considered an afterthought, gift card purchases have steadily become the most popular gift to give. Now the smaller merchant can have a bigger slice of the gift card pie," noted Swipe It Technology President, Laurence Rubin.

He added, "Beneficial characteristics featured in gift cards are what differentiate the program from gift certificates. A sale made for an amount less than the value stated on the card produces a balance that remains on the gift card, therefore, offering an incentive for users to return and make additional purchases. This established a sales pattern and bond. Also, with today's emerging technology, gift card tracking is performed with ease, which saves time, eliminates many back-end functions, and increases security. The gift card program generates positive results not only for the merchant, but the customers as well."

Rubin summarized, "What merchant wouldn't want to increase their upfront money? Best of all, with gift cards, every transaction is tracked, making for an accounting dream. Also, with the added security of gift cards, merchants are finding it easier to market this service to customers, compared to its paper counterpart."

Swipe It Technology, has made a number of system upgrades, which have been made available to their merchants free of charge. These advancements include: an automatic e-mail system, which provides the option of daily, weekly, or monthly reports regarding business activities; a free online check balance feature, which allows customers to check their card balances via the web; and a free loyalty program upgrade, which gives companies the ability to better reward their current customers. The company has also recently moved their transaction processor system to an outsourced data storage facility center. By utilizing this facility, Swipe It will receive the quality, security, reliability and results that its merchants expect.

The gift card program has attracted initial interest from a wide range of industries, including auto, framing, party supply, hospital gift shop industries, restaurants, salons, and retailers.

About Swipe It Technology

Swipe It Technology works with over 300 retail and restaurant merchants to develop products and services that enable customers to make purchases and track spending in a cashless environment. The use of debit card technology is the cornerstone of its off campus meal program, University Meal Deal.

For more information concerning gift card or loyalty programs please visit the company website at www.swipeit.com or call (888) 794-7348.

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