Expand Your Surveillance System With This Camera

  • 74 horizontal field of view
  • 0.1 lux min. light illumination
  • Built-in IR illuminator for monitoring in near total darkness (short range)

    Now you can expand your Black and White Surveillance System using these system cameras. Simply mount the cameras (a bracket is included with each system camera), run the supplied 65' cable from the camera to the monitor. Then plug the monitor into an 120V outlet. The cable between the cameras and the monitor carries the power and audio signals to the camera. A separate power supply for the system camera is not required. The system allows for up to

    Each system camera includes a built-in microphone so you can be alerted to crying or other sounds. Additionally, a built-in microphone on the monitor and a small speaker on the cameras allow the operator to have a two-way conversation with the person in front of each camera. Push the "Talk" button on the monitor to speak and release to listen. IR illuminators in the camera allow short range monitoring in near total darkness.

    If more cable is required, use the 100' and 250' extension kits to reach out up to 500 feet. The extension kits just add on to the existing cable, no striping wires, crimping or soldering required!


    Strategic Vista Product No.:

    Picture Output:
    Black & White

    Image Pickup Device:
    1/3" CCD

    Number of Pixels:
    510h x 492v (251K Pixels)

    400 Lines

    Minimum Illumination:
    .1 Lux

    3.6mm, 90 horizontal field of view

    Weather-resistant against dust & light rain

    Cable Length:
    65-ft.t 6-pin cable included

    Mounting Bracket:
    2.5" high surface-mount bracket included

    Sensor Unit:
    20' range 90 field of view

    Operating Temperature:
    +14F to 122F

    2.5" x 2" x 3"

  • B&W Hardwired Camera with Motion Sensor, Mic and Speaker

  • 65-ft. cable