Excelsa - A Minority Owned MSGI Business - Provides Security for the Funeral of Pope John Paul II
ROME and NEW YORK, April 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Excelsa SpA, a minority-owned business of MSGI Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: MSGI), has announced that they are providing security for the Pope's funeral in Rome. The exceptional scale of visitor numbers in Rome during the recent tribute to the late Pope John Paul II has required exceptional organizational measures. Excelsa technology is contributing technological flexibility and speed to the deployment of the public security shield over the eternal city. Since the spring of 2003, the City Police of Rome has been using the Excelsa Real Time Security (eRTS) video surveillance platform to centralize and re-distribute live images from its CCTV camera network to various control rooms throughout the city. The high-capacity and high-flexibility of eRTS Video and Alert over IP features allow the Police in Rome to adapt field resources to changing field requirements, providing access to cameras and alerts where needed, as needed. The enormous number of visitors, an estimated 4 million added to the local population of 3 million has put great pressure on the public authorities to come up with constantly adapted crowd control and also support responses. Additional police forces have been called into Rome, and the Civil Protection agency and volunteers have been mobilized. The same deployment of resources, as in catastrophic events has taken place, providing emergency water, food, shelter and first-aid to the masses congregating in Rome. Thanks to the flexibility of eRTS, the City Police in Rome have also extended secured camera access to the Civil Protection agency command center, providing them with real-time monitoring of crowd movements and shortening the time-to-action of their field personnel. The IP architecture of eRTS allows secured remote access as needed, when needed, where needed, including mobile. When this global event concludes, the City Police in Rome will simply restore the normal distribution of secured video surveillance access. Excelsa's 24x7 support services are also available for special requests. About Excelsa SpA Excelsa has become one of Europe's leading providers of outsourced video surveillance and security solutions for both civilian and military services customers. Excelsa flagship products, Real Time Security platform (RTS) -- an ASP platform built to manage standard CCTV and IP cameras through a multiple network layer infrastructure -- and Audio Logger -- a fully featured and easy-to-use means of gathering intelligence over telephony communications -- have quickly propelled the company to a rich portfolio of prominent clients and business relationships. Excelsa is the OEM provider of IP video surveillance services over Internet for Telecom Italia, including content storage in secure Internet Data Centers. Excelsa is headquartered in Milan (Italy). For more information please visit the Excelsa website at http://www.excelsa.net. Excelsa, the Excelsa logo, RealTimeSecurity and AudioLogger are registered trademarks of Excelsa SpA. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. About MSGI MSGI Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: MSGI) is an international proprietary solutions provider developing a combination of innovative emerging businesses that leverage information and technology. MSGI is principally focused on the homeland security, public safety and law-enforcement services industry. The Company is headquartered in New York City, and has regional offices in Washington DC; Calgary, Alberta. MSGI acquires material interests in high-growth technology and software development businesses. These firms are led by successful entrepreneurs and experienced management teams that have developed end-to-end client solutions that meet current and emerging market needs. The Company is currently comprised of two operating companies and a significant unconsolidated investment which collectively deliver a powerful array of strategic synergies for cross-selling and joint product development. MSGI is engaged in an ongoing corporate growth program whose focus is acquisitions, strategic alliances and co-branding relationships in the United States and Europe. More information on MSGI is available on the Company's website at: http://www.msgisecurity.com.
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