Everything You Need to Create a TV Channel with Your Own Audio/Video Input!
  • Includes all the parts and pieces to modulate channels
  • 5-Year Warranty Want to play a movie on your living room VCR or DVD player and be able to watch it in any (and every) TV in your house? These Channel Vision Multi-Room A/V Kits include everything you'll need to create a high-performance, easy-to-use, multi-room audio/video distribution system. They take the audio and video signals from your VCR, DVD player, video camera, or other A/V input device, modulate them onto unused channels, and add that channel to the incoming antenna or cable service and distribute it to all the TVs in your house.

    These kits include Channel Vision's own high performance RF modulators. The two or three channel modulators features an LED channel display for easy set up, enough signal strength to drive several TVs, and a 5-year warranty. Includes a 3-source RF modulator, as well as:

    - A Low Pass Filter to clean up the selected frequencies for distortion-free modulation. (Removes cable channels 78 and above and over-the-air UHF channels 28 and higher.)

    - An RF Amplifier to boost the incoming television signal for proper system balance

    - An Installation Accessory Pack with all of the necessary connectors (except wire & cable) to complete the job right...right out of the box!

    An easy-to-read CAD system diagram and step-by-step installation instructions.