Enterra Inc. Announced Its Latest Ranking on Rent A Coder as 41 Out of 98,000 Coders

In April Enterra US LLC increased it's ranking on Rentacoder.com to the 41st ranked organization based on feedback, number of project completed, and size of contracts completed.

April 28, 2005 -- Jeremy Groves, Sr. Area Manger for North American commented: "As enterra continues to expand in the target rich United States market we focus on maintaining an open line of communications with our clients. This is essential in maintaining a long term repeat relationship."

About Enterra:
Enterra Inc. is an international software development company, with perhaps the most talented and educated IT programming staff of any company its size. We are proud of the position our employees have reached, and they are equally proud to be part of Enterra team.

Our Mission and Vision is to provide the highest quality professional software development available anywhere. We have been recognized as a leader influencing quality standards and setting the pace of software development services. We believe that high-quality and cost-effective are not exclusive terms but complimentary ones. This imperative has been central to our ability to build a strong multinational base of repeat clients and referrals.

Everyone at Enterra has an unparalleled imperative and obligation to our clients. We conform to and with IEEE Std 830-1998 (Revision of IEEE Std 830-1993) IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications and IEEE Std 730-1998 (Revision of IEEE Std 730-1989) IEEE Standard for Software Quality Assurance Plans. Quality and value are woven into the fabric of all our products and support. Enterra means quality and reliability; not just a name, but real people you can trust.

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