Elph Z3 Kit (APS) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Canon
Model: 7412A003
: Number of User Reviews: 5

Reviewed by: chingue from MT on Dec 22, 2002

Experience: 6 Months

Strengths: size, nice zoom, good quality pictures (when it worked!)

Weaknesses: construction, film release door

Summary: I purchased this camera to have something tiny for traveling. Had it long enough to run about 10 rolls through, then could not remove a roll of film.... Since I had purchased an extended warranty, I sent it in and OVER THREE MONTHS LATER I've been informed that it had 'impact damage' and was not covered, but they'd sure fix it for an additional $110!!! This was NOT Canon, but Canon rejected the repair under their limited warranty.

I have never mishandled this camera and have a feeling the impact damage came from the non-Canon warranty company (who had the camera for over 2 months w/o doing a thing!). I have very little faith in the Canon name as this camera was nearly brand-new - still looks great - now useless.

My advice? Buy an Olympus!

Reviewed by: taxus from NJ on Dec 1, 2003

Experience: 9 Months

Strengths: Takes nice pictures - when it works

Weaknesses: shutter cover

Summary: Do not buy this camera!!! Used it 4 times then the shutter cover would not engage. Can not use it anymore. Sent it to Canon who told me it would cost $75 dollars to fix it. Canon said it was dropped. Never happened. Canon said there was a dent on the shutter cover. There was no dent on the shutter cover. Warranty repair is non-existant. I am not repairing the camera. Do not buy this camera!!!!

Reviewed by: drummasterlm from MI on Feb 25, 2003

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: size, zoom, options

Weaknesses: shutter button, picture size selector

Summary: This is a really nice little camera, when it takes pictures. I love the zoom and the quality pictures it creates. However, it does not always function properly. Sometimes the shutter does not release after pressing it one, two, or three times. Most of the time I can deal with that, but I recently used it at a concert and missed a few great shots because the shutter did not release on time. I also found that I took a picture of the back of my seat because I pressed the button, gave up, and had it go off approx. 15-20 seconds later after putting it down. Its a good little camera, great for shots that can be reposed if needed, but not a good camera for use at concerts. The other problem is that the picture size selector switch could be a bit bigger, it's sometimes hard to get ahold of. Other than that, its a great camera.

Reviewed by: cmiservos from GA on Jul 26, 2003

Experience: 6 Months

Strengths: Size, zoom.

Weaknesses: Durability, picture quality, reliability, customer service.

Summary: After 5 rolls of film, camera zoom jammed. Sent in for warranty repair and informed that camera case was damaged. Never dropped it! Aluminum case must be very fragile, or construction very poor. Canon wants almost $100 to fix it. Ridiculous. It is useless now. I agree with the other review. Buy an Olympus. It takes much better pictures, is water resistant, and does not fall to pieces under NORMAL use. Maybe we can all get together, take our broken Elphs and build one working camera.

Reviewed by: jcowan44 from NY on Aug 14, 2003

Experience: 6 Months

Strengths: Great pictures when it works

Weaknesses: Canon's warranty support is an absolute joke. This camera has a defective loading mechanism.

Summary: My sister and I bought this camera for our mother, thinking its size and ease of use would greatly suit her lifestyle. She loved the camera at first, as it does take gorgeous pictures. However, after about 5 rolls of film, the film loading mechanism simply stopped working. Then, the film door ceased to close at all. I sent it back to Canon, who like the other folks in their reviews, blamed it on being mistreated or shock damage. It will cost $90 to fix. This is a pretty poor response, because a lot of people have had this issue with this camera - which leads me to believe this camera is defective. My advice is to steer clear from Canon and their lousy customer support. Get it together, Canon!

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