Electronic Monitoring


One of the most effective methods of ensuring that your home has the most comprehensive home security system possible is to employ or engage the services of a company that provides round the clock electronic monitoring of the residence. There are a number of different, reputable companies operating around the United Kingdom and in other countries the world over that provide reliable, high quality electronic monitoring services.

What is Electronic Monitoring?

Electronic monitoring of a residence truly is a simple concept and process. When a company that provides electronic monitoring is retained, an alarm system is installed in the residence itself. (There are two general types of alarm systems that commonly are used in creating a comprehensive home security system. There are alarms that actually sound off when there is a breach in the perimeter of the residence. On the other hand, there are silent alarms that do not sound and merely send a signal to the home security monitoring company’s offices.)

As referenced, the alarm system at the residence itself is electronically connected to the security company’s offices. Thus, whenever there is a break-in -- or any other emergency at the premises -- the company is notified. Presently, these connections between the residence and the security company normally are made via telephone lines.

In addition to contacting the electronic monitoring company’s office, emergency calls generally automatically are dispatched to the appropriate emergency services agency. Most electronic monitoring systems provide surveillance coverage including residential break-ins or intrusions, fires and medical emergencies.

Costs, Charges and Fees

There are a variety of different electronic monitoring plans that a home owner can obtain. Thus, there are a wide range of costs. For the most part, however, a person or family can obtain a solid electronic monitoring system installed and activated at their home for a recurring cost somewhere in the neighborhood of £70 to £90.

While an electronic monitoring system can be a budget stretch for some households, most people who have engaged such services and systems have come to conclude that the protection and peace of mind that are provided through professional electronic monitoring of their homes is well worth the costs involved.


In the end, keeping your family safe, sound and secure is invaluable. In this day and age, none of us are immune from emergencies at our homes. Thus, in the final analysis, the old adage about “better to be safe than sorry” is accurate, true and should be followed.

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