Easy PC Interfacing
Easy PC Interfacing

Easy PC Interfacing Manufacturer: Babani
- Everything you need to know about practical interfacing of electronic devices to PCs
- Suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced users

PCs can interface to external devices via many different routes. One of these is by utilising the standard ISA expansion slots, a method that is only really suitable for advanced users. However, options more suitable for beginners are available that use the parallel and serial ports. All three methods of interfacing are covered in some detail. The use of MIDI games ports for interfacing is also considered. Once connected the PC and external device have to be able to communicate, but getting signals in and out of PC ports is not normally a mainstream aspect of programming. Therefore, the author covers the necessary techniques using Visual programming languages such as Visual BASIC and Delphi. It is then relatively easy to produce attractive and effective user-interfaces complete with virtual control panels, meters, etc.

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