Easily Monitor Live Video at Remote Sites
  • Watch video and hear audio from local and remote sites at your PC
  • True plug-and-play simplicity (external USB connection)
  • Digital video recording on a hard drive from multiple cameras
  • Easy search and playback of recorded events
  • Automatic recording and/or transmission upon alarm Why settle for an ordinary PC-based video monitoring system when for just slightly more, you can get a complete digital CCTV system for visual and audio monitoring, digital video recording and playback. It's all made easy with the VideoShield USB, a plug-and-play system that allows you to visually and audibly confirm alarm status, both locally and remotely. It's perfect for monitoring homes, small businesses and much more.

    Easy Remote Monitoring
    The VideoShield USB system consists of a central box with four camera inputs, four alarm inputs, four dry-contact inputs and a USB port. It connects to a local PC/server for local camera monitoring, or can be accessed via a remote computer for remote camera monitoring. Depending on the application, transmission between the local and remote computers can be done via a variety of methods, including regular telephone lines (via modem), ISDN, cellular communication, TCP/IP, LAN or WAN. Cameras can be seen on a single, or multiple, camera view.

    Compatible With Most Windows Platforms
    The latest VideoShield USB software is designed to work on most Windows platforms with no additional changes or configuration. VideoShield supports all Windows-compatible sound cards with wave device interfaces. Firmware is totally upgradable, preventing your system from becoming obsolete with time.

    VideoShield USB Comes With:

    • Application Software

    • 1 Hardware Unit with:

      • 4 Color Camera Inputs

      • 1 External Arm/Disarm Input

      • 4 Alarm Inputs

      • 4 Dry Contact Outputs

      • 1 Watch-Dog Output

      • USB Connection to the PC

      • Audio Inputs (using the computer's sound card)

    Video Input Standards:

    • B/W EIA/CCIR

    • Color PAL/NTSC

    System Requirements:

    • IBM PC Compatible

    • Pentium 200MH or Better

    • 32MB RAM or More

    • 56K Modem and/or ISDN/LAN Adapter

    • Windows 98/2000

    • Internet Explorer 5.0 or Higher