Easily Extend the Range of Your Wireless Network
  • Works as an access point or a repeater
  • Up to 22Mbps transfer speed
  • Works with other 802.11b devices when used as an access point Looking for an easy and affordable way to extend the range of your wireless network? You've found it with the Enhanced 2.4GHz Wireless Range Extender, part of the series of high-speed wireless networking products, also capable of transfer rates up to 22Mbps.

    Operates as a Wireless Access Point or Wireless Receiver
    This 2.4GHz Wireless Range Extender is an enhanced 802.11b Wireless Range Extender that can operate as a Wireless Access Point or Wireless Repeater. It features advanced silicon chip design from Texas Instruments, utilizing their patented Digital Signal Processing? technology.

    Supports Equipment From D-Link
    The Enhanced 2.4GHz Wireless Range Extender can be configured to perform as a wireless access point or as a repeater to another wireless access point or wireless router (in repeating mode, repeats the wireless signal of D-Link AirPlus access points and routers). Adding the Enhanced 2.4GHz Wireless Range Extender to your existing wireless network enables you to extend the wireless signal particularly useful when obstacles like walls, ceilings or other architectural elements inhibit the wireless signal from reaching its desired destination.

    Please note that the Range Extender is not a "standard-based" product and may not be compatible with other brands of wireless networking products.

    State-of-the-Art Encryption for Total Security
    The Enhanced 2.4GHz Wireless Range Extender also features 256-bit WEP encryption for a higher level of security for your communication. When used as an access point, the Enhanced 2.4GHz Wireless Range Extender is fully compatible with the IEEE 802.11b standard, so it works with existing 802.11b-compliant devices. And in repeating mode, because it's a D-Link AirPlus product, more signal bandwidth is preserved and passed on than other brands of wireless repeaters are capable of doing.


    IEEE 802.11
    IEEE 802.11b
    IEEE 802.3
    IEEE 802.3u

    10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet

    Data Rates
    with Automatic Fallback

    64-,128-, 256-bit RC4

    Media Access Control
    CSMA/CA with ACK

    Frequency Range
    2.4GHz to 2.4385GHz

    Operating Range
    Indoors: Up to 328 feet(100m)
    Outdoors: Up to 1,312 feet (400m)

    Power Input
    External Power Supply DC 5V,2.5A

    Power (Green)
    WLAN (Yellow)

    Transmitter Output Power
    15dBm 2dB

    External Antenna Type
    2.5dB gain with reverse SMA connector

    Device Management
    Web-Based - Internet Explorer v6 or later; Netscape Navigator v6 or later

    Operating Temperature
    32F to 131F (0C to 55C)

    95% maximum (non-condensing)

    Safety & Emissions

    L = 5.5 inches (140mm)
    W = 4.5 inches (114mm
    H = 1 inch (25.4mm)

    0.44 lbs (200g)

    3 Years