Easily Distribute Cable TV, Modem or DVD Input Throughout Your Home

  • Extend your cable TV system to up to 8 TVs
  • Enjoy DVDs in rooms without a DVD player

    Why limit your cable TV or DVD watching to a single room in your home? Leviton's 3x8 2 GHz Enhanced RF Distribution Module can easily distribute standard inputs, such as CATV and antennas, as well as modulated inputs such as VCRs, DVDs and security camera/CCTV on coaxial cable to up to eight locations throughout your home. This module is not for use in-line between DBS satellite dish (LNB) and DBS satellite TV receiver.

    Run incoming coaxial cable and modulated sources to this versatile RF module that amplifies a variety of incoming RF signals for picture-perfect reception and distribution. The 3x8 2 GHz Enhanced RF Distribution Module installs easily into Leviton's Structured Media Enclosures.

    Signals can be precisely controlled through the module's built-in amplifier/attenuator that adjusts from -5 to +15db to compensate for variations in incoming signal strength for the clearest possible reception. The 3X8 Enhanced RF Distribution Module incorporates state-of-the-art bi-directional signaling to support advanced interactive applications such as cable modem, cable box communications and standard inputs like CATV, antennas and modulated inputs such as VCRs, DVD and security camera/CCTV.

    It features one cable input, two auxiliary inputs and eight isolated television outputs that do not require termination caps. The module comes with a 12VDC, 500 mA adapter. Its external heatsink extends the life of the product, and its small circuit board design is set at a 30-degree angle for easy installation. The outlet ports are isolated and do not require any termination caps.

    Cable service providers are converting to digital systems, which will be capable of squeezing hundreds of channels as well as Internet service onto your coax cable. The Leviton 3x8 2 GHz Enhanced RF Distribution Module can support these new systems while limiting noise and other artifacts.


    Leviton Product No.:

    3.55" H x 6.57" W x 3.29" D

    75 Ohm

    Connector Type:
    F-Type (3 inputs, 8 outputs)

    Power Input:
    12 VDC 500mA

    2 GHz

    cULus pending

    2 years, limited

  • 2 GHz Enhanced RF Distribution Module

  • AC adapter