EOS Digital Rebel Digital SLR Camera Kit w/ 18-55mm Lens - Silver (6.3MP, 3072x2048, 3x Opt) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Canon
Model: 8861A001
Max Focal Length: 55 mm
Max Horizontal Image Resolution: 3072 pixels
Max Aperture: 5.6 1/f
Image Format: EXIF|JPEG|RAW
Average User RatingAverage User RatingAverage User Rating: Number of User Reviews: 46

Reviewed by: OctagonalStar from TX on Sep 26, 2004

Experience: 7 Weeks

Strengths: excellent battery life, even when using lots of flash and autofocus - i shoot football games from the stands (w/ a 300mm lens) and the battery lasts way longer than the game, even w/o a full charge

Weaknesses: I really haven't had any major complaints - reading the manuel explains most shortcomings or limitations

Summary: I bought this camera after months of researching and knowing what I wanted. I've worked with the Canon 10D and loved it, and the Digital Rebel is just a step under it and quite affordable.

Most people comment on the weight of my camera, but it doesn't faze me. The lens (my 300mm) is what makes the camera heavy, and you want a good sturdy camera anyway. Besides, part of that is how people tend to want to hold it - you have to support the lens, not the camera - rest the base of the lens on your palm w/ the camera body on your wrist and use your fingers to manipulate your zoom and it's really quite comfortable.

Since the Digital Rebel doesn't come with a memory card, I would reccomend buying a high speed 512. I leave my camera on the highest quality pictures possible, and on a Kodak 64 card I could roughly get 25 pictures on it. If you lowered the quality you cold probably get more, but you'd be sacrificing enlargement potential.

I have experimented with the different modes, but Auto mode usually does a fantastic job, though I do apreciate the creativity that the other modes allow for.

As for a lens, the Digital Rebel only comes with an 18-55mm lens. I highly reccomend buying another. I bought my camera as a package deal from Ritz Camera over the internet for $1199, (no sales tax and free shipping) and it included the camera body, a ton of software for the camera, the 18-55mm lens, a Quantary 75-300mm lens, and a Quantary gear bag. I then bought a 40x speed 512 Big Print CF card for around $100.

What's more is that this camera is already earning me money - I'm a high school senior this year, and I've taken my own senior personality pictures, plus I've agreed to do some of my friend's as well. I've also been hired to shoot a wedding reception. Its amazing what the right camera can do for you.

Reviewed by: AgustinIrigoyen on Oct 20, 2004

Experience: 11 Months

Strengths: Interchangeable lenses, battery life is superb, Quality of pictures is excellent

Weaknesses: Weigth. It may not be heavy the first ten minutes, but put it on your back pack all day and you'll consider a 2nd camera as a companion kit. Little slow buffer for continuos shooting

Summary: I'm more than pleased with this my 4th digital camera.

It may have not all the menus a C5050Z from Olympus has, and also not include efects like B&W ans sepia, but it's what I look into digital cameras since they wen't on the market, a 35mm real feel camera with digital storage.

Of course you can't have this without a Micro Drive of 1, 2, or 4Gb, and they are extremly inexpensive rigth now in almost any Camera store in the nearest mall.

I'vr taken thousands of pictures this year and I'm very happy with my camera.

The only thing it needs is another 4 or 5 Mpx companion Canon camera for long days field trips where you need something lighter to work with and faster take out-shoot device.

Consider an aditional Telephoto 80-300 mm for special shooting (10 to 20% of your exterior shoots)

But it, it's worth it and I highly recomend it

Reviewed by: hellfirede from OR on Oct 10, 2004

Experience: 6 Weeks

Strengths: Very user friendly, excellent battery life and fast recharge time. great picture quality.

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: (Edited October 30th by hellfirede) My experience with Canon Cameras goes back to 1968 when I bought my first Canon 35mm film camera. I have owned their top of the line professional F1 and when I decided to go to a digital I chose the EOS Rebel digital, and must say that I am very happy with it's performance. Its performance is equal to if not better than the Canon 35mm film cameras I have owned. The picture quality is amazing.
It has been a month since I posted my inital review of the EOS REBEL Digital. After about a week I relized that the 18-55mm lense that came with the camera had its limits. A trip to Ritz Camera and $199 cured that limitation. Quantaray 28-200mm f1:3.8-5.6 zoom took care of that.
When I bought the camera the 256mg high speed compact flash card was on sale for $54 and I would recommend if you are going to do a lot of shooting in one day to go with atleast a 256mg compact flash card.

Reviewed by: NormanCarter from GA on Dec 28, 2004

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: versatile. shifts from manual to idiot proof. high image quality.

Weaknesses: flash hits my visor on my ever-present ball cap (no photographer should be without one.

Summary: I am a semi-pro photographer with a heavy interest in astro-photography. This camera bridges the gap between digital convenience, and SLR function and quality. For the price, this camera cannot be beat. Wide variety of lenses, and accessories make it much more useful than my old digital. Instant image review is a must for astro-photography. I can't tell you how many rolls of film I have wasted in my SLR by starlight. Instant review also lets you be more creative and experimental with exposures. I highly reccomend this camera to shutterbugs of all skill levels. Has full range of idiot modes for the novice, and full range of creative modes for the pro.

Reviewed by: skotsan from WV on Nov 21, 2004

Experience: 15 Days

Strengths: PRICE $700 after rebate. ISO 100-1600.

Weaknesses: does not have sexy look as Nikon D70

Summary: I spend a lot of research before buying this camera. So far it seems to be the best SLR on the market. A lot of people like Nikon. I went to the Ritz store to compare. Well, obviously Nikon D70 is a lot sexier. Looks more like a pro-camera. It is faster also. However, that increase in speed is truely marginal. Shooting speed difference is very close in both cameras. The price difference is huge. I found Canon kit with lenses for 700$ after rebate + free shipping. Brand new, flawless delivery (from beach camera) they are authorized Canon dealers. Nikon kit with lenses costs 1200$ after rebate. The difference is huge. At the same time Canon is 6.3 megapixels vs. 6.1 mega- of Nikon. Plus ISO 100 is a substantial gain (it is absent in Nikon), since most of pictures of still images are going to be taken with it.
300$ can print 1,500 pictures 7x10 at Wall Mart.

My strong advise is CAnon EOS. It is cheaper, and virtually the same. I did tests comparing Nikon D70, Canon EOS and 4 megapixel Canon PowerShot. All 3 cameras produced virtually the same prints. I strongly believe, that after I read manual I can do more with my DSLR, however, prints can be better.

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