EOS 20D Digital SLR Camera Body Only (8.5MP, 3504x2336) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Canon
Model: 9442A002
Max Horizontal Image Resolution: 3504 pixels
: Number of User Reviews: 25

Reviewed by: weschan from CA on Sep 20, 2004

Experience: 6 Days

Strengths: Superfast (5fps) Shooting speed, 8.2 megapixel CMOS sensor (for large prints), instant on (200ms from on to shutter response), works with all Canon EF-mount lenses. A great professional camera!

Weaknesses: Very few, other than it's a bit pricey. The camera also has a 1.6x focal length multiplier, but this is typical for dSLR cameras.

Summary: Wow. That's the first thing I can really say about the EOS-20d. I've owned a EOS-D60, a EOS-10D, and for $1500, this camera blows everything else away. I don't plan to touch my other cameras after having played with the 20d for a week.

The photos are amazing, the camera body is solid, and Canon solved nearly all of the complaints that I and other customers had about their previous digital SLRs.

The great features:

First it's got a FAST 8.2 megapixel CMOS sensor. The EOS-20d uses Canon's DIGIC II image processor which creates great color photos and can dump the photo onto your CF memory card really quickly.

Next the EOS-20d has an amazing 5 frames per second shooting mode, and a huge buffer to hold all the shots (in fact, with a one of my Lexar Pro 1GB 40x cards, I was able to capture 50 frames before the continious mode slowed down!). This is great for capturing fast moving objects: cars, your kid swinging a bat at a baseball game, or a jaguar running across a field. Keep in mind that the only other dSLR camera that is close to this is the EOS-1D Mark II (8.3 fps), and that camera costs over $4K!

Third, the EOS-20D turns on instantly. The EOS-10D took 3 seconds from on switch to when the shutter worked; this camera works in under 200ms, so short that I can't even tell. This is huge; there isn't anything more annoying than quickly pulling your camera out of your bag and missing your kid's first steps because the camera took 3 seconds to boot up!

Fourth, the EOS-20D works with nearly all of Canon's EF-mount lenses, so if you have a bunch of these lenses around, then you don't have to invest in a new collection of lenses. The 20d also supports Canon's new EF-S lenses (introduced with the digial Rebel), and Canon introduced a EF-S 10-22mm wide angle lens ($799 extra) to work with the 20D. This is the widest angle lens you an buy, but note that this lens won't work with any other camera (including your film canon SLRs or the 10D) except for the digital rebel.

Fifth, Canon introudced a new battery (BP-511A) which has just under 30% more power than the previous line of lithium batteries that came with the EOS-10D. This translates into over 700-900 shots (w/out flash or digital display review) per battery charge. I actually tested it out with my old EOS-10D battery (BP-511) and with the new EOS-20D battery (BP-511A) and the difference is noticable!

And last but not least, Canon has a new auto-focusing system (9 pt AIAF) that is super fast--much faster than what was in the EOS-10D. This is probably my most favorite feature aside from the 5fps continious shooting mode, as I'm able to compose shots quicker and get a focus lock with much less waiting. Great for candid and sports shots, which I do a lot of.

Bottom line: The EOS-20D fixes all the major issues that bugged tons of photographers in Canon's previous line of digital SRL cameras. The 8.2 megapixel CMOS sensor is top notch and the photo quality is amazing. I ran out and bought the camera the first day it hit the market, with the expectation that all of the claims and features were too good to be true. I was wrong; this camera seriously rocks!

Reviewed by: StritsOrders from AZ on Dec 1, 2004

Experience: 40 Days

Strengths: Speed of Operation, High Very low noise ISO speeds, versatile options.

Weaknesses: Monitor size could be larger.

Summary: I have been into photography for over 60 years and have used all kinds of equipment and have published even in Life Magazine.
I am Extremely Pleased with the Canon 20D. I use it with the Canon 17to85mm image stabilized zoom lens which is also excellent. All pictures are exceptionally sharp. Its special processed 8MG image lets me enlarge or crop small areas and still produce sharp and nearly grain free pictures.
The camera has ultra fast response even in auto focus and has nearly nonexistent trigger lag response. Besides its being very versatile with all kinds of options it has the fastest ISO speeds, with by far the least noise, I have ever experienced. Its 1600 ISO speed seems to have less noise than most 400 ISO speeds of other cameras. To top it all off its flash is more powerful than most and gives great exposures.
Put these all together and it is an Awesome advanced technology marvel which is a thrill to use. I think Canon has a Real Winner in the 20D, get one and enjoy!

Reviewed by: mhkowski from AL on Apr 6, 2005

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: fast in all functions, low noise at all ISO settings, logical and easy use of all settings, good grip and sturdy body, good documentation.

Weaknesses: hard to tell, maybe the missing ISO information in the viewfinder

Summary: This camera is great !!!
Everything seems to be thought to the end, even the software engineer must have been a photographer. Highly recommended and you do not need Adobe Photoshop for professional work (I don't talk about Elements 2, crap!). I'm working with Paint Shop Pro 9.01, it has most of the Photoshop features, works with most of the Photoshop plugins and costs only $100.
Beware of the kit lenses. Better buy EF lenses, you are with a crop factor of 1.6 always in the "center spot part" IAW the best part of the lens. Why degrade when you can get the best. I recommend the 28-135mm lens, great value for the price.

Reviewed by: franklegarreta from NY on Oct 20, 2004

Experience: 20 Days

Strengths: Fast. Pro quality 8MP images. Low noise levels at high ISO. Nice construction. Compatible will all Canon EF lenses.

Weaknesses: Not the greatest LCD display (little small) - but may conserve power. The 1.6 focal length multiplier.

Summary: I am extremely pleased with the 20D 17-85mm kit. Although this is my first SLR (digital or film) I must say that this camera is so good at what it does, that I don't miss some of the conveniences of Digital Point&Shoot's. (in terms of size, weight, shooting modes)

The 20D will power on in .2 seconds, but unless you are in auto-mode, configuring the various settings to get the perfect shot takes a little getting used to. Once you realize how much creative control the Full or Partial Manual modes provide, however, you will find yourself using them more and more, and getting spectacular results. Sports photographers will love servo modes 5 frames per second, which gives you much better odds of getting the perfect shot.

One really nice thing about this kit is the quality of photos you can take in low lighting. With the image stabilized lens, wide aperture, and low noise on higher ISO's, you can do a lot without a flash and get relatively great results.

Reviewed by: emgabriel from CA on Dec 21, 2004

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: Canon EF/EFS lens mount, Fast and responsive replacement for my old SLR, Fast read/write, pro quality without the pro price.

Weaknesses: Not the same as full frame DSLR like Canon's 4K and 7.5 K pro cameras but comes very close for 1.5K

Summary: (Edited December 21st by emgabriel) A better replacement for my old 35mm SLR. The widely available Canon lenses for rent gave me chances to try very expensive lenses on this camera. I've recently used a 24-70mm f2.8 and a 16-35mm f2.8 Canon L lenses for a wedding with great results. I've tried a 70-200mm f2.8 L for action shots and the colour and sharpness are incredible. I wanted to keep those lenses but renting them at reasonable prices for the weekend is the next best thing. For now I'll have to settle for the 17-85mm, a 50mm f1.8 and the 70-200mm f4 L lenses. The 580ex flash I'm using for this camera worked equally well. Pros and advanced photo buffs will love this camera. For me it's the one I've been waiting for and one that would last me for a long time.

Reviewed by: wtfisk from MI on Oct 12, 2004

Experience: 21 Days

Strengths: Lighter than the 10D...and represents a prosumer "compromise" between the 10D and MarkII. It takes great shots right out of the box. I love it! Has a new Firmware upgrade as of this writting.

Weaknesses: RAW software is a bit clumsy compared to Photoshop DNG upgrade. Check for other raw software packages. I'd rather not be forced to buy a lens I don't really need. No "body only" kits any where.

Summary: (Edited October 13th by wtfisk) Since my previous lenses work with this great camera, I'm as happy as a cat taking a nap. Everything works superbly! If you're Canon 10D or Rebel savvy, this represents an"intermediate" upgrade. But now that I've pushed it on all counts, the Canon 20D lives up to the "hype". I took several Macro shots yesterday, and they all popped out at me. The fall colors look astounding. It comes with a EF lens and it works fine. The camera settings are simple to do. The manual is a bit small. I wish it were more expanded. Also, there was no CF memory card included for this fine product. If you can afford this camera, GET IT! It may be your last. I've tried all creative and basic settings and they do the job remarkably well. I'd suggest shopping around and bargaining on the net. You can easily beat $1499 for body only...and $1599 for lens included kits. I was able to get free overnight shipping and $75 off list. Even without these gifts, the camera is well worth the list price. It's a quality SLR camera and you'll spend a few years growing into it and finding all kinds of features. Check Canon's website for basic design and features.
This camera turns-on almost instantly. No waiting! And an omni-directional button is great. It "feels" like it needs to be used. Like a hand-and-glove effect. If you're a novice, it can start out as a point and shoot camera. And you will be able to tap into its many advanced features as you grow into it.
If ever you wanted to treat yourself to a holiday gift...this is it!
Don't leave home without the Canon 20D.

Reviewed by: shutterbug777 from AR on Jan 10, 2005

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Large LCD panel. Ability to enlarge and reduce using directional joystick. Ability to present slideshow on the LCD panel/ TV Comfortable camera body. The greatest strength of all is the megapixels.

Weaknesses: I honestly cannot think of a single weakness that I have experienced as of yet.

Summary: This camera is awesome. It is great on shoots for easy viewing of shots. The megapixels are outstanding. I can check out sharpness with ease by using the joystick as I enlarge. I was delighted to view my first prints. Beautiful! My friends and family love to see the pics as I present a slideshow on the TV. There are so many great features that it has taken me a while to fully get through the manual but yet family members who know nothing about photography are able to point, shoot and capture great moments with no instruction. I highly recommend this camera to anyone serious about great quality images.

Reviewed by: tlcb437 from WI on Nov 11, 2004

Experience: 14 Days

Strengths: fast start up, fast shooting speed, fast auto focus, low noise at high iso, unlike 10d you can adjust parameters while shooting in adobe rgb.

Weaknesses: no spot meter

Summary: this is a great camera. i have upgraded from the 10d and have found better automatic white balance (when you can't use the custom white balance), faster speeds in startup, shooting, and focusing, and you can adjust parameters while shooting in adobe rgb.
my 20d came with the latest firmware and i have had no problem with lock up.

Reviewed by: thxdts from TX on Jan 13, 2005

Experience: 4 Months

Strengths: 8 mp, .2 sec startup, magnesium body

Weaknesses: no iso in viewfinder, early BG-E2 battery grips too flimsy.

Summary: this is my scond Digital SLR, i learned with a 10d, I had my 10d for barely a month when this one came out so i sold it to one of my best friends and got me this one, if you shoot in full Manual mode all the time, it's so much ,more responsive , the 5frames per sec is soooo awesome, and the lower noise in iso 800,1600, and even 3200 is worth it. I have the 24-70 2.8L lenses, i will get a 70-200 2.8L IS and the 10-22 EF-S for wide angle. i also have the ST-e2 and two 550EX flashes.

Reviewed by: arthurlu from NY on Nov 8, 2004

Experience: 1 Months

Strengths: 8.2MP resolution, excellent picture quality. RAW images available. instant on feature.

Weaknesses: It freezes occasionally. Battery life could be better.

Summary: This is my third digital camera (2MP -> 5MP -> 8MP :).
I've been waiting for a long time after the 10D was introduced.

It feels just like any other EOS film camera when taking
pictures (except the 1.6 focal length multiplier). Instant
on, no shutter lag. With the 8.2MP, you can crop a lot and
still get decent 4x6 pictures. Read/Write speed VERY fast,
even with raw images.

Highly recommend.

Reviewed by: overspun from CA on Oct 1, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: The canon 20D is shoots 8.2 Megapixel pictures and has a very fast startup time. It is also very good at shooting action pictures because it has an extremely fast focus.

Weaknesses: occasionally it will freeze, but i think canon has a firmware update for it already.

Summary: probably the best camera i have owned. i previously owned a canon 300D (digital rebel) and this camera is significantly better. I have used the camera to shoot nature pics, car pics, and just about everything comes out very good. I would reccoment this camera to anyone who has a passion for photography.

Reviewed by: carlislemark from MA on Dec 17, 2004

Experience: 10 Weeks

Strengths: Full Featured LCD with stored settings and histograms for every digital picture. Works as well or better than its sister "film" camera Canon Elan 7E and uses the same lenses.

Weaknesses: Requires training on Digital Photography. The Canon guide only briefly describes features.

Summary: I shoot a lot of sports pictures, specifically football under lights and hockey indoors. I found that with a great F2.8 lens, the camera can be set up to capture good full frame motion shots under man-made light that you don't have to wait long to evaluate picture quality. Unfortunately, you can't count on the LCD readback alone to assess quality. Even with a clear LCD, you can end up with either a too dark, or a too light, or a fuzzy picture. This camera has a lot of complex features, more than its Film counterparts and is not for enthusiasts looking for simplicity. The Auto mode is great outdoors under the sun, or indoors with a flash at relatively close range. Like the Elan 7E, the onboard flash is marginal and you're better off buying an external flash. A new digital user will need some outside coaching or training. Reading the pixel histograms is a must for assessing picture quality. The camera is a bit large in the hand, but very light. Certainly as comfortable as the Elan 7E. For comparison shots, I also carry a Canon S500 in my pocket. There is certainly less to worry about with the S500, but the 20D picture detail and quality is far better (better lenses of course). Excellent choice for a serious amateur or professional that doesn't want to bite off the price of the Canon 1D. With a 1GB Flash Card and medium/fine resolution (1.7MB JPGs), you get several hundred pics on a card. The rechargeable battery is very long life. I bought an extra, but haven't needed it, even after shooting over a hundred pictures in a session.

Reviewed by: guanilee on Oct 1, 2004

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Speedy, sturdy, and sexy

Weaknesses: Firmware doesn't seem to be quite robust yet--needs upgrade.

Summary: I previously owned EOD Digital Rebel, and I loved its picture quality. I still think Digital Rebel has an extremely high value for the price I paid(around $800).

But I decided to change to 20D, because I wasn't so convinced about Digital Rebel's build quality. Digital Rebels are painted in fake metal color, which didn't stand even light abrasions. Plastics' molding lines didn't seem to fit quite exactly with one another. Overall, I had an impression that the camera won't last very long with me.

I wanted a camera that I can really have for long, and that made me to look for a new one--a 20D. This one feels very firm in my hand, and in fact, the body is made not of plastics, but with magnesium alloy.

But the biggest point of this body, as I can tell after short usage, is in the speed of operation. 20D takes 5 pictures/sec, for about 25 shots at once. Also, it powers up instantly, never leaving you to wait for a couple of seconds--and you know that such a fast timing is so desirable when you're really in the hunt for decisive moments.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase. I bought it from RitzCamera.com, and they showed some very nice service too.

Reviewed by: Phototips from FL on Feb 15, 2005

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: very fast, durable, highest quality for the price, and one of the best I have ever owned.

Weaknesses: none

Summary: The 20d has everything to offer plus alot more. If you are like me trying to decide between the Nikon d70 or even the Nikon d100 then decide no more because this camera wipes both cameras off the face of the earth. The 20d is the very best camera you can find for it's price. Also if you like to take pictures of birds in flight, this camera has it all. Some people might say it's too heavy, but there just spoiled with tons of money and can complain about things like that. But if you want the best then it's not going to be light because it has soo much inside working together to give you the best picture you can possible get.

Reviewed by: Rukes from CA on Oct 28, 2004

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Excellent photo quality, very fast shooting speeds. Usual Canon quality.

Weaknesses: A bit expensive, especially with getting a decent lens separately.

Summary: I upgraded to this from the PowerShot G3 for better pro photographs. This camera makes my old one look like a Viewfinder! This actually has less complex options than the G3, mainly due to it being a photo-only shutter camera, instead of a digital photo and video camera like the G3. The manual is well-written and a must-read to get the full use out of the camera. The 9 auto-focus points help, as well as the ability to take rapid photos of moving objects. Overall, this is the best pro camera you can get for under $2,000. The perfect starting point for a beginner pro photographer with a bit of cash to spare.

Reviewed by: wilfredc from CA on Oct 5, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: -Excellent resolution and sharpness -Fast shutter Speed -8.2 MP Resolution -Solid construction

Weaknesses: -Need newer firmware to solve lockup and focusing problems -2 timer settings only not with full frame sensor

Summary: An excellent Camera with lots of new and leading edge features except still using APS-C size sensors. I called the tech support and they suggested not to update the latest firmware yet ... sound like the issues have not been fixed.

Reviewed by: wshah from NY on Oct 3, 2004

Experience: 1 Months

Strengths: 8.5MP, fast, lightweight

Weaknesses: Not much! Could have had the LCD screen like the G1 through G5 series and be able to angle or turn.

Summary: (Edited October 04th by wshah) This camera is fantastic. I highly recommend picking one up if you are in the market. This is my first digital SLR - I upgraded from a Canon G1. This camera is out of this world.

The focusing is extremely fast. It has nine points in the viewfinder. Therefore, it is easy to be selective. I have used the bundled lens 18-55mm. It is above average for an all-purpose lens. However, it doesn't suffice for everything. Extra lenes will be necassary.

The flash is excellant. It stands a bitter higher than the 10D flash. It does a great job most of the time. There is hardly a delay between images for re-charging.

It comes with a very trendy strap which has written on it "canon eos digital" in red. The camera is extra sharp looking. It feels great in your hand.

Reviewed by: madeinhungary from NY on Mar 8, 2005

Experience: 1 Months

Strengths: photo quality is fantastic,8mp,Very fast start up and autofocus,5fps, up to 3200 iso nit much noise till 1600iso,

Weaknesses: The LCD is kind of small,I have one dead pixel on the LCD. sometimes the 20D locks up on startup and I have to remove the battery to get it to respond.Eyecap is to close to the body=use eye extender

Summary: This is my first DSLR and I am very pleased with the Canon 20D.I am still learning a lot of new things.I went through the manual at least 10 times and try things.It opened a whole new photo experience to me.As soon as you put it to your eyes you feel like a pro!
I was thinking about buying the Nikon D70...but it is not as good as the Canon20D and I don't want to keep changing cameras every year.This is a keeper!It is not cheap,but if you read this you worth it..:)).

I bought it at electricsam.com with 18-55mm lens for $1350.
3 days it arrived.

Reviewed by: yinkai from MI on Sep 24, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Very durable body and generated sharp images at much faster rate compared with 10D.

Weaknesses: Still 1.6 factor. My wide angle L lens act as only in normal range.

Summary: 1) Compared with competitors' products such as D70, Pentax ist DS and coming Minolta 7D, 1500$ is still high.
2) I use my own photoshop 7.0. The software with the package doesn't match 20D's performance.

Reviewed by: therisod from CA on Apr 20, 2005

Experience: 1 Month

Strengths: NA

Weaknesses: CMOS Sensor quality

Summary: This my second Canon EOS 20D, so far...
When I received the first one from Buydig.com I noticed that, in all the pictures I took with it, especially the ones with a clear back ground (read blue sky), there was a dark spot near the center of them. After swapping lenses, in order to rule out dirty optics, I realized the problem was with the camera CMOS sensor.

I then sent the camera back and got it replaced by Buydig.com (Kudos to them. No questions asked and quick replacement turn around)

Today I got the replacement back and AGAIN there is a spot on the sensor. Not as bad as the previous one but definitely I was expecting a much better quality from an SLR camera that cost $1300+. Very disappointed from CANON

Reviewed by: timothyuhl from UT on Oct 16, 2004

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: Good image quality, sturdy construction (hardware at least), easy to use.

Weaknesses: The camera freezes, a lot. Firmware fix didnt help my camera.

Summary: The camera freezes up, very badly. Canon issued a firmware update for it, but this update did not resolve my issue - it made it worse. The camera is on its way back to Canon for warranty service - I wish I'd purchased something else, and I'm VERY dissatisfied with the product.

Reviewed by: shadesdragon from IL on Oct 2, 2004

Experience: 4 Weeks

Strengths: Excellent camera, well worth the $1500 I paid for. More features than previous models. Lense is interchangeable for those looking to do more. Fast action and great for printing at 8.2 Megapixels.

Weaknesses: The body grip is excellent but some parts of the body that are made of pastic make the camera seem cheap when compared to the Canon powershot line which is metal.

Summary: There have been some reports of camera lock up but a minor issue that may can be fixed by removing the battery. I have not had this issue. Camera overall is a great for those experienced with SLR cameras and want to go digital.
But as always don't expect a professional digital camera to be better than a regular professional camera... you can't replace molecules with byte sectors on a disk.

Reviewed by: kyt0704 from CA on Sep 24, 2004

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: fast AF,fast continuous shooting, excellent image quality,easy to use it, etc

Weaknesses: Somebody experienced freeze while using it but I haven't so far. I think firmware needs to be upgraded.

Summary: Indeed, it feels far less prosumer like. It feels very solid and yet weighs slightly less than the previous model.
Even though some products have software defects, that problem will be fixed through firmware upgrade soon.
Anyway if you are more careful when you buy it, then you can find flawless item. Trust to chance and buy it.

I think you will not be able to buy better digital SLR camera than this one for the time being.

Reviewed by: ramious from CA on Sep 24, 2004

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: Very good shuyyer speed and sound.. It makes me crazy...^^*

Weaknesses: If it has two type about memory like sony 828 it would be much better

Summary: (Edited October 11th by ramious) Eos-20D is really good camera..
Before i ordered this Eos-20d, i worried about some kind of bad problem thoughtout website.
But no problem to me..
I am very very very satisfied this one...^^*

Reviewed by: traderscid on Apr 13, 2005

Experience: 60 Days

Strengths: quality, speed, price

Weaknesses: none

Summary: (Edited April 13th by traderscid) There is no alternative to this camera. If you are looking for a camera in this class you want defintively the Canon EOS 20D. I love the quality of the pictures and it's speed. Really worth it's price.

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