Duracell Ultra
- Perfect for today's high-tech appliances
- Lasts up to 50% longer in high current devices
- Ideal for digital cameras, mini TVs, portable CD players and many more! A range of high capacity cells designed specifically for use with today's high power portable appliances. Making use of both improved materials and construction techniques, these batteries offer a reduced internal resistance on higher loads compared to standard alkaline cells. Available in AAA, AA, C, D and PP3 sizes.

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  • Polaroid PDC5070
  • Flexible Web Camera
  • Wireless Hidden Smoke Detector Video Security Cam
  • Sprint 90 Min Chargr
  • CCTV C/CS Mount Lenses
  • Fixed Voltage Regulated Mains Adaptors
  • Pinhole Camera with Infra Red LEDs
  • Quad Processor Splitter
  • Twenty Foot RCA-to RJ-11E Adapter Cable
  • Microvideo Pinhole Camera
  • Security Camera Price