Double the Power of Your Phone System!
  • Works with Smarthome's best-selling phone system
  • Let your phone system grow along with your small business
  • Installs in minutes using common household tools Increase the power and scope of your 3-line, 8-extension phone system into a powerful 6-line, 16-extension phone network with this expansion card! Designed to work with Smarthome's most popular phone system (the Panasonic Home/Small Business Phone System, #5211), this module essentially doubles your telecommunications power without having to upgrade to an entirely different system! Use this card when you need additional lines for voice, fax machines or computer modems.

    The expansion card fits directly inside the Home/Small Business Phone System's enclosure. Installation takes just minutes and can be done using an ordinary set of pliers and a screwdriver. The card comes with all the hardware and electrical connectors required to connect it to the main phone system board.

    8-Extension Expansion Card (#5225D)
    Add eight additional extensions to your Panasonic phone system with this easy-to-install 8-Extension Expansion Card. The card can be added to the standard 3-line, 8-extension phone system, transforming it into a 3-line, 16-extension phone system. It can also be added to the expanded, 6-line, 16-extension phone system (#5211 with the #5211E expansion card) for an amazingly powerful 6-line, 24-extension phone system! The card fits inside the #5211 enclosure and can be installed using just pliers and a screwdriver.

    Caller ID (#5225A)
    The Caller ID Card (1 required for every 3 CO lines) lets the extensions with the LCD proprietary phones display the incoming caller's phone number or name. Optional Caller ID service from your phone company is required and display of name may not be available with some Caller ID services. The system can log up to 20 unanswered calls per extension. With the help of Caller ID and the Call Log feature you can identify those callers when you come back to your desk, allowing you to easily return the calls.

    Auto Attendant & Fax Detection (#5225B)
    With the addition of an Auto Attendant and Fax Detection Card, the phone system will provide a simplified "auto-attendant" feature with two custom 30-second outgoing messages. After dialing into the system callers can obtain single-digit access to specific extensions or ring groups at any time during or after the outgoing message. Callers with an authorized security code can access the system's outside lines or place intercom calls. Additionally, fax calls can be automatically transferred to a designated fax extension, eliminating the need for a dedicated fax line.

    Door Phone/Opener (#5225C)
    With the addition of the optional Door Phone/Opener Adapter Card, the system can interface with up to 4 door intercoms and 4 door contact closures for remote operation of electric door locks. It's a great way to add security to your home or small business suite and reduces the time spent running to answer the door.

    32-Mailbox Voice Processing System (#5214)
    Expand your phone system by leaps and bounds with the Voice Processing System, which supports 32 separate password-protected voice mailboxes that store 100 messages each. This module provides up to 2 hours of total recording time (4 hours with 5214E expansion module) and combines features from many stand-alone modules, including auto attendant & fax detection, 3 outbound greetings per mailbox, 20 custom holiday greetings that play on specific days and live call screening. Other features include intercom paging, message forwarding and copying, delivery of messages at specific time and dates and a wealth of Caller ID features.