Doors Feature Electronic Eyes
Doors Feature Electronic Eyes

Dec 11, 2002 12:00 PM
Jennifer Pero

StanVision automatic doors from Stanley Access Technologies, Farmington, Conn., have been installed in the baggage claim area of Jacksonville International Airport (JIA). The installation is a result of JIA's efforts to better meet the safety and service needs of its travelers. "The goal of our new terminal expansion was to make our customers' traveling experience as enjoyable and as hassle-free as possible," says John D. Clark, executive director of the Jacksonville Airport Authority.

StanVision digital technology offers travelers at the Jacksonville airport freedom without jeopardizing security. The door sensing system uses digital video camera technology to perform the functions of both a door sensor and security camera.

The digital video technology delivers a more accurate sense of motion than infrared- or microwave-operated doors by using technology that evaluates pixel changes in the video image to detect motion. The system is designed to fit any automatic door and can be tied into existing CCTV systems, security systems or local monitors.

To provide surveillance and operate the door, a StanVision camera is placed above the inside and outside of the door, transmitting exactly what happens on each door cycle at all times. As a result, the security perimeter at each door is extended by 10 feet, thus eliminating the need for additional security cameras at the entrance and exit.

"The system allows the user to see people in motion and provides an opportunity to record what is at the door back to a central video monitoring station," says Jay Viatkus, marketing and e-business product manager for Stanley. "The camera can be considered covert and therefore comes across as less intimidating to travelers walking in and out the doors," he says. "It can also prove liability for slip-and-fall accidents."

It's also cost-effective. Security personnel can monitor people passing through the doors without the additional cost of surveillance cameras. Should the need arise, security can activate the doors remotely to open or close the doors within the airport to contain suspect passengers or control traffic flow in case of an emergency.

JIA relies on the automatic door system because its busy environment is demanding on automatic access doors. Because carts, baggage and high traffic all add up to abuse on automatic door systems, the digital technology can be programmed for specific airport environments; allowing the doors to open an appropriate distance for a person or wider if a cart is sensed. The door sensing technology can also be set to recognize certain shaped objects, such as people or vehicles, and to ignore traffic and smaller objects such as trees or debris.

JIA currently has StanVision automatic doors and sensors installed in 12 door systems in its baggage claim area. Although Clark says he initially chose the system based on its automatic door performance, he says the inherent possibilities of integrating the video into JIA's security system is "a very attractive feature that could be used to enhance our security down the road."

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