Don't Run More Cable Than You Have To!
  • Slash costs and installation time by wiring a single run of coaxial cable instead of two
  • Send off-air, cable or surveillance video over the cables that connect your satellite TV system
  • High-quality construction ensures strong signal strength If you're a satellite TV subscriber that considers running new cable through the walls about as appealing as a root canal, you're in for a surprise! Now you can send off-air television signals, cable TV or surveillance camera feeds to your TV using the same cable that already connects your satellite receiver to the dish without adversely impacting your satellite TV reception!

    All you need is a couple of these indoor diplexers. Just connect your surveillance camera, off-air antenna or incoming cable to one of the diplexer inputs, connect the other to your satellite dish, and it will combine the two signals onto the same cable. Then just place another diplexer at the receiving end (i.e. a TV) and it splits the signals back out again. It all works without downgrading your satellite signals! Connections made in seconds.