Don't Let Strangers Trespass on Your Property!
  • Automatically turn on lights, sirens or surveillance cameras whenever anyone steps into your home
  • Use it for protecting your home, or making your life easier; the choice is yours
  • The most flexible sensors available; can be successfully installed under virtually any flooring or deck material Your home is your castle, and to adequately protect it from trespassers, you need the ultimate in detection systems! These nearly invisible, yet extremely reliable presence sensors mount on the underside of any floorboard, joist, deck or staircase, and trigger when they detect the minute flexing caused by someone walking on the surface. No matter how stiff the flooring, or how little the material flexes, these sensors will react, prompting your security or home automation system to turn on lights or sound systems, blare a siren, activate a surveillance camera, or any other action you choose. The choices are limitless!

    If security isn't your primary concern, think about the convenience. Example: Automatically turn on the bathroom light the moment you step inside. Or have the fountain in the back yard automatically start when you walk on the deck. Or automatically turn on the lights in the upstairs hallway when you step on the first stair. No other sensor is as versatile!

    Unlike shock sensors or PIR motion detectors, these units will not respond to wind, rain, sunlight, temperature changes, even pets up to 60 lbs.! Plus, they're fully supervised; instantly going into an alarm condition if someone attempts to defeat them. Units are environmentally sealed and utilize 22-gauge marine grade wire for indoor or outdoor use. The units adhere to the surface with epoxy (included), ensuring many years of trouble-free operation.

    To operate these amazing sensors, you'll need a processor, which analyzes the floor flexing and responds by activating a normally open or normally closed Form "C" relay. The processors consist of printed circuit boards and will need protection from an enclosure and a 12VDC power supply (each sold separately).

    The standard sensor (#790901) is designed for standard home automation, marine security and residential security applications.