Dome Camera covers wide areas

New Elmo Small-System Dome Provides Detailed Coverage Of Wide Areas In Surveillance Systems

PLAINVIEW, NY, MARCH 4, 2002 - The new ELMO PTC-200C Dome Camera with a 90 degree per second pant/tilt speed covers wide areas and captures every detail for effective surveillance. The PTC-200C is a ceiling-mounted version of the company's popular videoconferencing model PTC-1OOS. This low-priced, high-performance dome for light-duty applications can be easily integrated into large systems.

A high quality optical system combined with advanced high-resolution DSP circuitry delivers video with remarkable clarity in almost any lighting environment. The PTC-200C offers a wide variety of settings including: backlight compensation, iris settings, motion detection, white and color balance, AGC and edge enhancement compensation. 103 adjustments fine-tune these settings using the remote control and on-screen menu. A 22x high-speed optical zoom, full auto-focus or manual capability, resolution in excess of 460TV lines, assure the detail necessary for accurate security identifications. The camera has a sweeping coverage of 300 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically

Programmable pre-sets, easy setup and operation provide the flexibility to capture details from every angle-closeups of individuals and wide-angle shots. Each camera unit is user-programmable for as many as six pre-set positions (including diagonal movement) and eight speed settings. On Screen displays(OSD) simplify set-up configuration. The PTC-200C comes with a RS-485C control port and ceiling mounting hardware.

User-friendly operation is assured via the use of a standard infrared addressable control unit with both front and rear infrared receivers on the camera body for continuous circular control coverage of large areas. Installation has been simplified. As many as 32 cameras can be connected in a 'daisy-chain' configuration cutting both cable costs and installation time.

ELMO manufactures a full line of ITV and CCTV cameras, monitors, multiplexers and quad processors. The company is also exclusive U.S. distributor of Dallmeier Digital Video Recorders.
Dome Camera covers wide areas.
Dome Camera covers wide areas.

March 22, 2002 14:57 - Ceiling-mounted Model PTC-200C camera has 90 deg/sec pan/tilt speed, adjustable backlight compensation, iris settings, motion detection, white and color balance, AGC, and edge enhancement compensation. It covers 300 deg horizontally and 120 deg vertically. Programmable pre-sets provide flexibility to capture details from closeups of individuals to wide-angle shots. Each camera is user-programmable for as many as 6 pre-set positions and 8 speed settings.

Elmo Manufacturing Corporation
1478 Old Country Road
Plainview NY
Phone: 516-501-1400
FAX: 516-501-0429

Company Information:
Name: Elmo Mfg. Corp.
Address: 1478-T Old Country Rd.
City: Plainview
State: NY
ZIP: 11803
Country: USA
Phone: 631-501-1400
FAX: 516-501-0429

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