Distribute Any Video Source Signal to Any TV Location in Your Home
Modulates any video source to a user-selected channel

  • PLL circuitry for quick and easy setup

  • Provides adjustable signal output for long cable runs

  • Includes kit for A/V loop-throughThe Channel Vision 1-Input Modulator with Loop-Through Kit accepts the signals from any video source, such as a satellite receiver, VCR, DVD player, or security camera, and modulates them to a channel that you select°™so you can view your program on any TV in your home. The 1-input modulator also gives you the ability to combine the video signal with your antenna or cable. Now you can watch from your video source or your regular channels on the same TV. Unlike most video devices, the 1-input modulator has the ability to output true stereo sound (instead of mono), so your movies or programs sound clear. The 1-input modulator comes with a kit that allows you to loop your audio/video signals back to any of your unmodulated monitors or devices. You can even set up the 1-input modulator to pipe music to any room on your TV network. And, it's built-in memory means that the Channel Vision 1-Input Modulator with Loop-Through Kit will always remember your chosen channel°™even after a power outage. Coax cables and RCA audio/video cable sold separately.

    Details and Specifications
    The Channel Vision 1-Input Modulator with Loop-Through Kit takes the signals from any audio/video source and modulates them to a channel that you select. The included two-way splitter/combiner lets you attach an outside RF signal (off-air antenna or cable) and combine it with the video signal. The 1-input modulator includes an external impedance matching switch for its input, to ensure true stereo audio. The included loop-through kit allows the A/V signal to be looped back to an unmodulated device or monitor. The Channel Vision 1-Input Modulator with Loop-Through Kit also features an attenuator that allows you to adjust the signal up to 30dBmV, providing signal output powerful enough for long cable runs or multiway splitters. It has dip-switch settings that let you easily select the TV frequency band to modulate to, and the front-panel push-button let you select the unused channel you want to watch on. The 3-input modulator is built with PLL crystal controlled oscillator circuitry, a push-button channel selector, and a three-digit LED display to make setup quick and easy.


    Channel Vision Product #
    with Loop-Through Kit

    height: 2.8" (7.112cm)
    width: 9" (22.86cm)
    depth:6" (15.24cm)

    2.97 lbs. (1.347kg)

    transformer input: 115V AC, 50/60Hz
    transformer output: 26V AC C/T, 400mA
    consumption: 8 Watts, typical

    Signal Inputs
    one (1) video inputs
    (left & right audio, stereo loop-through)

    Signal Outputs
    one (1) RF output

    Frequency Ranges
    UHF: 14®C78
    Ultraband: 59®C135, excludes 95®C99

    two years

    What's Included

    • Channel Vision 1-Input Modulator Base Unit with Power Cord
    • Loop-Through Kit
      includes 3 "Y" adapters
    • Two-Way Splitter/Combiner
    • User Manual