Digital Video Duplicator with Four Signal Enhancement Modes Copies Any DVD

  • Makes perfect copies of any video automatically
  • Four signal enhancement modes stabilize signals for crisp copies
  • Supports NTSC and PAL formats

    VHS tapes can break and wear out. But by copying your family movies onto DVD, you can treasure them forever. Preserve your memories to DVD and enhance their video image at the same time with the GoDVD Video Enhancer, which easily allows you to transfer any type of VHS format as well as "protected" DVD content to DVD, and the GoDVD also supports NTSC and PAL formats. Four output signal enhancement modes will stabilize video signals for crisp copies: Set your GoDVD to Normal, Enhanced, Darker or Black/White for improved image quality, and the video enhancers digital technology will also reduce the noise in video sync. The GoDVD Video Enhancer easily connects to any DVD recorder.

    Notice: Use of this product for unauthorized duplication of copyrighted material from DVD, VHS or other media is prohibited under federal copyright laws unless the copy qualifies as a fair use under the copyright laws.

    The GoDVD Video Enhancer will automatically detect whether the video input is in NTSC (USA) or PAL (Europe) format. The output format is determined by the setting of the PAL/NTSC output switch. GoDVD can convert NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC. The GoDVD unit is compatible with S-VHS, VHS-C, VHS, 8mm and DVD.


    Sima Product No.:


    4.5" W x 2.5" L x .75" H

    NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, PAL, PAL M, PAL N, SECAM auto detection

    Input Connectors:
    Composite video (RCA jack) x 1 / S-video (mini-din) x 1

    NTSC (Fsc = 3.58 MHz) / PAL (Fsc = 4.43 MHz)

    Output Connectors:
    Composite Video (RCA jack) x 1 / S-video (mini-din) x 1

    DC 7.5V 500 mA

    FCC compliant

    90 days, limited

  • GoDVD Video Enhancer

  • RCA-style video cable

  • AC adapter

  • Instruction manual