Digital Video Camera captures up to 250,000 fps
Digital Video Camera captures up to 250,000 fps.
Digital Video Camera captures up to 250,000 fps.

September 20, 2004 08:20 - Available with Gigabit, Ethernet, FireWire, or fiber optic communication options, ultima APX-RS captures 3,000 fps with max pixel resolution of 1,024 x 1,024 and up to 10,000 fps at 512 x 512 pixel resolution. CMOS sensor has true 10-bit monochrome and 30-bit color fidelity has anti-blooming properties and variable aspect ratios. Controlled by proprietary FASTCAM Viewer software or handheld control keypad, camera features 2 sec global electronic shutter operation.

Photron Introduces World's Fastest, Slow Motion Mega Pixel High Speed Video Camera - Up to 3000 Frames per Second

September 10, 2004C San Diego, CA C Photron USA, Inc., a global manufacturer of advanced high speed, high resolution imaging systems, introduces the world's fastest high speed digital video camera, the ultima APX-RS. The new slow-motion video imager captures 3000 frames per second (fps) at 1,024 x 1,024 pixel resolution, up to 10,000 fps at 512 x 512 pixel resolution and an unparalleled 250,000 fps at reduced resolution. This easy-to-use high speed CMOS sensor with true 10-bit monochrome (30-bit color) fidelity has excellent anti-blooming properties and variable (square or rectangular) aspect ratios. Photron's ultima APX-RS single-piece enclosure is designed to withstand harsh conditions and operate reliably in truly hostile environments up to 100G's.

The camera can be controlled by either Photron's proprietary FASTCAM Viewer software (included) or the handheld control keypad (also included) which permits camera setup and image viewing without a computer. For operating multiple cameras, the intuitive software enables full camera control, video replay and image download capabilities via PC. Memory partitioning enables multiple recordings to be made with no time-consuming downloads needed between recordings. Operating as fast as two microseconds, the global electronic shutter provides razor-sharp imagery of any high speed event or phenomena. Photron's ultima APX-RS performs extremely well under low light conditions with unsurpassed light sensitivity of 4800+ ISO/ASA at 0dB gain.

Other features include the dual-speed recording mode which allows users to change frame rates during the actual recording time, and Photron's exclusive Over Exposure Protection?, which ensures optimum image quality for each pixel, regardless of illumination levels within the recorded image. The image memory can be expanded to facilitate 6-second recording duration at 1,000 fps.

The ultima APX-RS camera is available with Gigabit, Ethernet, FireWire or fiber optic communication options, extending the systems' flexible architecture to meet any custom configuration requirement. Applications for this dynamic, slow motion, high G-force imaging system include automotive, medical, film / television, military and industrial manufacturing.

Photron USA, Inc. (, founded in 1974, is a world supplier of photo-instrumentation, high speed image processing systems and photo optical technologies for the automotive, industrial manufacturing, film and television, medical and military markets. The company's charter, to develop and design digital imaging and high speed motion analysis solutions for advanced technological challenges, has driven Photron's rapid revenue growth. Products include standard and custom high resolution, high-speed cameras, software, and systems for R&D, commercial and defense-related motion image analysis applications. For more information, please visit:

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Public Relations:
Smith Miller Moore
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Phone: 818-708-1704
FAX: 818-344-7179

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