Digital Camera suits high frame rate applications
Digital Camera suits high frame rate applications.
Digital Camera suits high frame rate applications.

October 21, 2004 07:43 - Bi-i_V2 incorporates 600 Mhz fixed-point and 150 Mhz floating point digital signal processors, 1.3 Mpixel CMOS sensor, and 40 Mhz pixel clock. Communication is via standard interfaces including 100 Mbit Ethernet, FireWire, and USB. Fully portable InstantVision software libraries, usable on any processor with C++ compiler, enable tracking of flying objects and identification of geological characteristics of landscapes.

AnaLogic Computers Ltd. at Vision 2004

AnaLogic Computers Ltd. at Vision 2004 in Stuttgart Oct 19th - 21st

? Bio-inspired

? Real-Time

? Image Processing

? 10,000 Images/Sec

Image Processing Software and Hardware

At Vision 2004, with the Bi-i_V2 and a 1.3 Mpixel CMOS sensor, using InstantVision Software Libraries, AnaLogic Computers demonstrates multi-target applications and other extremely high speed real-time image processing solutions. At Vision 2004 in Stuttgart AnaLogic introduces the second generation of its award-winning stand-alone intelligent camera.

Developed for high frame rate applications requiring complex algorithms, the Bi-i_V2 incorporates the newest digital processors from Texas Instruments: a 600 Mhz fixed-point and a 150 Mhz floating point DSP. The Bi-i_V2 comes equipped with 1.3 Mpixel CMOS sensor with 40 Mhz pixel clock. Communication is possible via several standard interfaces including 100 Mbit
Ethernet, FireWire and USB.

InstantVision software libraries are new products that are featured at Vision 2004 by the company. The InstantVision libraries utilize algorithms not only for general purpose image processing, but also optimized solutions for real time multiobject tracking and feature classification. All of these software libraries are fully portable and can be equally exploited on any processor for which a standard C++
compiler is available. These software libraries were developed for tracking of flying objects and identifying geological characteristics of landscapes.

AnaLogic's hardware and software libraries facilitate a powerful and flexible and cost-effective solution for system integrators for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to the fields of industrial quality control, industrial safety, security, terrain exploration and aviation and automotive applications.

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Robert Fekete

AnaLogic Computers Ltd

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General Information:
Robert Fekete
Phone: 36-30-942-9000

Company Information:
Name: AnaLogic Computers Ltd
Address: 13-17 Kende St.
City: Budapest
ZIP: H-1111
Country: Hungary
Phone: +36 30 942 9000

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