Digital Camera comes with Fire Wire cable
Digital Camera comes with Fire Wire cable.
Digital Camera comes with Fire Wire cable.

May 29, 2002 07:50 - Series DX, equipped with two 1394 ports, transfers data at 400 Mbit/sec. Complete system consists of camera, cable, and software for camera control and image management. Other interfaces available include Twain, Software, and Programmer's Interface. System is suitable for high-speed applications, image processing, and quality assurance.

Camera Innovation With Fire Wire

KAPPA offers a new camera program based on the Fire Wire high-speed bus with 400 Mbit/s data transfer (digital cameras, software, cable, cards, repeater). All digital cameras of the well-established DX series have been equipped with 2 ports 1394. These systems are perfectly suitable for high-speed applications, image processing and quality assurance. Outstanding camera features are: Progressive Scan, high resolution, excellent sensitivity, 12 and 16 bit, 63 dB, 2 to 8x binning, reproducible camera parameters, raw data in 16 bit format, and various interfaces (Fire Wire, Twain, Software, Programmer's Interface). A complete system consists of camera, cable, and software for camera control and image management. KAPPA camera systems are highly reliable and deliver brilliant images of high resolution at a high speed. Fire Wire speeds up image processing in the PC/notebook, image transfer and control of further components.

KAPPA opto-electronics, Inc.

Christian Koziol

911 S. Primrose Ave., Unit P.

USA - Monrovia, CA 91016

Phone: +1 / 626-256-4343

Fax: +1 / 626-256-6484




Katrin Vogel
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General Information:
Christian Koziol
Phone: 626-256-4343
FAX: 626-256-6484

Company Information:
Name: KAPPA opto-electronics Inc.
Address: 911 South Primrose Avenue
City: Monrovia
State: CA
ZIP: 91016
Country: USA
Phone: 626 256 4343
FAX: 626 256 6484

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