Digital CCTV security recording system
THE Divar digital versatile recorder series, available from Bosch Security, is a powerful, remarkably compact, low profile unit.

Divar digital recorder system.

Available in 6, 9 and 16-channel colour versions; up to 16 Divars can be linked together creating configurations that are suitable for large applications such as industrial sites, shopping centres and prisons.

Divar can be incorporated into applications with conventional analogue video matrix switchers.

Systems with integrated control and digital recording for hundreds, and even thousands, of cameras provide a solution for use in casinos, airports and other similar, larger installations.

For a multi-site application, units can be linked to each other and to a central control room via a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) or the internet.

To ensure the video won't overload the network, the interface and bandwidth limitation function is built-in.

The easy-to-use control centre software is a graphical user interface that gives the power and advantage of full remote control for up to six users and allows password protected levels of search, retrieve and play back from any location.

When video is required for evidence of an event, Divar makes it simple to archive the video to a PC and then burn a CD-ROM that also includes a dedicated PC player for playback of the secure video files.

Video authentication lets Divar automatically detect any alteration of the recorded video.

Prioritise recording between high and low risk areas by selecting the images per second (IPS) record rate and image quality for each connected camera.

Divar saves on hard disk space by allowing a higher refresh rate only for critical or high-security areas.

When movement in a user-definable area is detected, the unitís motion detector triggers an alarm.

Designed with both the operator and installer in mind, the Divar digital versatile recorder provides maximum flexibility and power in a minimum amount of space.

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