Digital CCD Camera suits life-sciences applications

SensiCamQE Offers Enhanced Quantum Efficiency in the Visible and NIR Regions

The SensiCamQE, High Performance Cooled Digital CCD Camera now offers an enhanced quantum efficiency in the visible and NIR regions. The combination of SensiCamQE's high pixel resolution (1376 x 1040), low system noise (4e), high quantum efficiency (65%), 12-bit dynamic range and fast frame rates, makes it an ideal choice for low light level quantitative imaging. The SensiCamQE camera easily connects to an optical microscope or lens via an adjustable C-mount.

A perfect fit for life-sciences applications, the SensiCamQE is ideal for low light level imaging applications such as Fluorescence Microscopy, Live and Fixed Cell Imaging, Ion Imaging, Red and NIR Fluorescence Imaging, Semiconductor Inspection, Spectroscopy, Hyperspectral Imaging and Bioluminescence.

Easily customized for OEM configurations, other SensiCamQE options include remote fan assembly to minimize vibration, hardened camera for magnetic field environments, and fiber optic link (FOL) for camera control and image transmission over 300 m. System comes complete with SensiCamQE camera head, PCI interface board, high-speed data link cable and CamWare software for Windows 98/NT/2000/ME. Also available is a TWAIN Driver, Software Development Kit (SDK) and drivers for various third party image processing software. Download a free brochure online at

The Cooke Corporation specializes in providing digital imaging solutions to the life sciences marketplace.
Digital CCD Camera suits life-sciences applications.
Digital CCD Camera suits life-sciences applications.

February 6, 2004 07:41 - SensiCamQE High Performance Cooled Camera offers 65% quantum efficiency in visible and NIR regions. With 1376 x 1040 pixel resolution, 4e system noise, and 12-bit dynamic range, product is suited for low-light level quantitative imaging. It connects to optical microscope or lens via adjustable C-mount and comes with camera head, PCI interface board, data link cable, and CamWare software. Options include remote fan assembly, hardened camera, and fiber optic link.


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