Detect and Photograph Intruders With a Portable, Motion-Sensing Camera!

  • Standalone design doesn't have to be connected to a TV or PC
  • Completely portable use it at home, at work or in hotels
  • Easily view images on a TV or VCR

    Are you concerned about nosy landlords, meddling neighbors or former roommates rummaging through your personal belongings while you're away from home? Then put those fears to rest with this portable digital camera that detects intruders, photographs them and stores the images into an internal storage bank! This camera is fully independent of other devices no PC required! It's also completely portable, requiring only a 110V electrical outlet. Use it at your residence, at the office or at your vacation home!

    Just place the camera on any flat surface, point it in the direction you want to protect, arm it with the included keychain remote control and it's ready to go! When its infrared sensors detect an intruder within 26 feet of the camera, it will automatically begin taking black & white photos in time intervals that you choose (adjustable from 1 to 60 seconds). The unit also time and date stamps each image, ensuring that you'll know the exact minute the intrusion took place.

    View Images on Any TV
    After you return to the site, you can view the saved images by disarming the camera with the remote and connecting it to the RCA video input jack of a TV or VCR using the included cable. It's that easy! The camera can also take pictures on command by pressing the EMERGENCY button on the remote. Use the 3-button remote to navigate your way through the images, or erase them if desired. Images are stored in non-volatile memory, so you won't accidentally lose them during a power outage or when you unplug the unit.

    Even Works In the Dark
    Each camera is equipped with a long 8mm lens, ensuring that you'll get ultra-sharp images so you can see all the details. And its built-in infrared illuminators will even capture images of intruders in the dark (up to 10 feet away). The camera can also act as a black & white CCTV camera, saving real-time video images on a VHS tape when used with a VCR's recording function. Each camera comes packaged with 2 remote controls, a power adapter, a video cable, a bracket, 2 screws and a manual.


    SecureTek Product No.:

    Image Memory:
    42 images

    Image Sensor:
    1/4" CMOS B&W

    320 x 240 pixels

    Sensor Range:
    29.2 ft. (8m)

    Camera Pivoting:
    360 horizontally, 30 upward, 20 downward

    Camera Field of View:
    24 horizontal, 17 vertical

    Minimum Illumination:
    0.5 lux


    Saving Interval:
    1-60 seconds (adjustable)

    3.2" x 2.6" x 2.32" (80 x 65 x 58mm)

    0.29 lb. (130g)

  • Cyber Eye Digital Video Surveillance Camera

  • 2 remote controls

  • Power adapter

  • Video cable

  • Bracket

  • 2 screws

  • Manual