Detect Loud Sounds or Water Leaks!
  • Check up on your children over the Web when sudden noises are detected
  • Be notified of leaking pipes by e-mail, pager, cell phone or PDA
  • Extend your camera by up to 120 feet Looking to expand the capability of your Xanboo Internet Home Management System (Smarthome Item #75041)? Then simply add any of the optional sensors described below:

    Wireless Water Sensor (#75043) Detect the presence of water BEFORE it becomes an expensive problem! Perfect for basements, kitchens and utility rooms to detect leaking pipes, ruptured hoses or seepage. It only takes 1/8 of an inch of water to trigger the sensor's alert mechanism. Mounts on any flat surface and requires 3 AAA batteries.

    Wireless Acoustic Sensor (#75045) This sensor detects sudden sounds, like if someone rings your doorbell or if one of the neighborhood kids hits a baseball through your front window. Detects sounds between 70 and 100dB. Mounts on any flat surface and requires 3 AAA batteries.

    Extension Cable (#75046) Place your Color Video Camera up to 120 feet away from the main controller! Color-coded adapter simplifies installation.

    Sensor can only be used with the Xanboo internet Home Management System.