DentiPASS access control system

DentiPASS is IDenticard's newest and most powerful access control system. It adapts to organizations of every size, growing and expanding as your needs do. It's perfect for Fortune 500-size companies, independent businesses, hospitals, schools, colleges, government agencies and other organizations... anywhere you want to link security communications in a vast, ever-changing network. And for unmatched speed, ease and reliability, IDentiPASS operates on the Windows NT platform.

No matter how large your organization, no matter how many sites you have scattered around the city or around the globe... here's a powerful system that adapts to your unique requirements... with the lightning speed of Microsoft Windows NT.

Amazingly, IDentiPASS adapts to organizations of every size... from 200 to 200,000 employees. Just look at everything IDentiPASS gives you:

Unparalleled system integrity. Windows NT provides a truly secure operating environment. NT is a 32-bit operating system that provides much more speed in command execution. Tabbed transaction screens. You select the exact information you wish to view or print. Audio Wav Files. Links sounds to particular events, immediately identifying what has just occurred. Automatic clock re-sets. For changes from Standard to Daylight Savings Time.

Clear, easy-to-read commands. Easily identified functions for assigning Reader Groups, Alarm Points and Relays to simplify programming and database maintenance. User-defined alarm point displays. Helps clarify computer screens, making for less confusing displays, custom-tailored to your specific monitoring requirements. Uninterrupted operation during system back-ups. Back-up data files while the system is still running, with continuous monitoring and control. Time zone control for holiday schedules. Even for shift workers who work at odd hours. Multitasking capability. Use the same PC that runs your security program to run spreadsheets, word processing or other programs. Alarm monitoring. Easy-to-read displays show status of alarms and relays using simplified floor plan graphics. Password protected. Multiple site code capability at reader level. Archival backup. 4-state Alarm Point Supervision. Normal, Alarm, Door Ajar, Trouble/Line Cut. Global Linking. Can link input points to another panel's relay for "cause & effect" action. Global Antipassback. Networking capabilities. More options for system monitoring, control and database maintenance from multiple locations within the system. ODBC compliant. Allows the system to attach to an existing ODBC database. Eliminates the need for double data entry -- saving time and eliminating the possibility of typing mistakes.

Special note to Series 9000 customers: IDentiPASS uses your existing Series 9000 hardware, so it's easy to upgrade to IDentiPASS without an additional investment in hardware.

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