Dassnagar Infosystems Launches DVD Rental Enterprise Portal Software

Dassnagar launches a N-tier architecture based DVD Rental Store.

April 27, 2005 -- Dassnagar launches a N-tier architecture based DVD Rental Store. Available in all platforms including ASP/JSP/PHP and Cold Fusion. The software comes with Add On Modules like small messaging and WAP.

This web based solution can be integrated to DIS RFID technology based realtime DVD tracking system. Real time data collected by the RFID hardware can be sent to the enterprise portal and populate daabase tables. Inventory at real time can be recorded and automated order processing is possible through this scaleable enterprise solution.

The client server software can be integrated to 25 payment gateways by the click of a couple of buttons. All dynamic pages have search engine visibility. Customized skins can be arranged through local freelancing design companies or custom made by our brand managers.

Our Clients: Codeplus, DNA Solutions, PremierFoods UK, Premiers, Nippon Dendro, Tata, Adidas, Nike, Bosch.

Visit us at http://www.dassnagar.com
Email us at mailto: e-mail protected from spam bots

Dassnagar also provide custom web design and ecommerce web application development.

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