Darim's HD 3D Virtual Set, the Road Map to the Future

Darim Vision Integrates HD Into Next-Generation 3D Virtual Set Demonstrated at NAB 2005

Las Vegas, NV April 17, 2005 -- Darim Vision (http://www.darim.com), a leading provider of integrated MPEG Encoding, Streaming, Broadcasting, and Security solutions, announced today a high definition (HD) version of its 3D Virtual Set rendering system to be called the Virtual Studio 4000? (VS4000). A technology preview of the VS4000 will be available at the 2005 NAB show in Las Vegas, Nevada ¨C April 18 ¨C 21. Building on the capabilities of its VS2000, Darim is adding automatic conversion of VS2000 sets into the new HD standard along with enhanced quality and ease of use improvements. The VS4000 can be seen at Darim's booth # SL5425 along with several other broadcast, encoding and streaming productivity tools.

"HD is the new standard for video and adoption of HD is essential to maintaining integrity of the quality throughout the production process from capture to edit to distribution. Our new HD enabled VS4000 offers small studios the ability to quickly produce HD virtual set productions at a fraction of the cost of competing products," said John Houston, vice-president of marketing at Darim. "As HD content continues to increase with demand, Darim continues to extend its position in this market by integrating HD support to the industry's most popular tools and giving professionals what they are demanding."

VS4000 Features
The cost effective and versatile VS2000 virtual studio has been upgraded and now features true HD capability. Darim will continue with the 3D VS2000 for standard definition requirements. Dubbed the VS4000, it is the most cost-effective, powerful turnkey solution for quickly generating dramatic 3D HD live Broadcasts with stunningly realistic 3D virtual sets. The ideal tool for space constrained broadcast environments, the VS4000 enables the keying of live actors or video feeds combined with a fully interactive 3D environment, incorporating mesh objects, materials, virtual lights, cameras and animation tracks, to produce striking live studio broadcasts at a fraction of the cost of building out full sets.

Virtual Highlights:
? Trackless design reduces the need for studio space/setup time
? Provides full 3D position and zoom control for virtual cameras
? Integrated chroma keying, 3D rendering and video mixing
? Real-time switching of multiple cameras/auxillary video sources
?Insertion of live/recorded A/V content into virtual sets
? Easy-to-use yet powerful virtual set control script
? One-touch activation of animations and pre-programmed actions
? Single-person operation using keyboard/mouse/joystick
? Optional interface to camera tracking sensor systems

Key innovations include expanded actor movement area, interaction between actor and the virtual set, trackless camera movements as well as automatic or manual keying. The VS4000 requires only a single operator, using a keyboard, mouse or joystick, eliminating the need for a team of video engineers to produce broadcasts that rival the networks and now features a new and very intuitive graphical user interface.

About Darim Vision
Established in 1994, Darim Vision Corp. is a recognized pioneer in the development and marketing of video compression and transmission technologies including MPEG encoding hardware and software solutions for emerging applications. Darim is a fast growing company dedicated itself to providing tools and services that enhance the way people communicate.

A truly global enterprise, Darim is a privately held company with sales and marketing efforts spearheaded from their Pleasanton, California offices, manufacturing and Asian sales in South Korea, and research and development facilities in Russia. More information on the company's TV technology-related products is available at the company's web site at www.darimtv.com or by calling ++1-888-GET-MPEG

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