DVTel's New SceneTracker Creates Unified Operational Views for Continental Airlines at Newark Liberty International Airport

Las Vegas, NV and Ridgefield Park, NJ -- DVTel Inc., multiple award- winning market leader in delivering integrated IP security solutions for surveillance and monitoring, today announced the on-going implementation of its SceneTracker software at Newark Liberty's Terminal C. Terminal C handles approximately 800 Continental Airlines daily arrivals and departures and is the company's second-largest hub, in terms of operations. SceneTracker provides a real-world, real-time perspective of multiple camera images in a single integrated view-showing the world as the human eye was meant to see it.

Continental Airlines is implementing SceneTracker as part of a two-stage project in Newark, designed to provide the Newark Operations Coordination Center (NOCC) a tool to effectively and efficiently manage the entire Newark operation, regardless of whether direct line of sight view to aircraft is possible from the NOCC at all times or not. SceneTracker improves staff's aircraft movement and operation management by providing larger, unified views, PTZ control across the unified view of separate non-PTZ cameras, and site diagrams and labelling for easy control of current and available views.

The majority of Continental's operations are in Terminal C, but a growing number of domestic arrivals and departures have been added to Terminal A. For an airline, efficient management of aircraft in and out of the gates significantly impacts the bottom line, particularly given the high cost of jet fuel.

Russell Rego, Hub Operations Coordinator, at Continental Airlines, has been overseeing the project, "In our non-stop efforts to improve customer service we are implementing digital technology for some of the camera views that monitor the activity around taxiing aircraft or aircraft parked at the gates. Using SceneTracker technology, we can now see 10 gates in a single view that unifies five camera views. This will increase our operator's viewing capabilities and decrease reaction time, and it will reduce training cycles-all positively impacting the efficiency of our operation. We anticipate an even greater impact in terms of cost savings if we can use SceneTracker technology to create a 'virtual tower' control capability for our expanding operations at Terminal A in the current NOCC at Terminal C."

In addition to implementing SceneTracker at Newark, integrated with the DVTel Network Video Management System, the company envisions potential wider applications. Continental's headquarters and main hub are located in Houston, with additional hubs in Newark and Cleveland. In the future, Continental's main System Operations Control Center (SOCC) at its Houston headquarters will have the ability to independently monitor the same views as the operation centers in all three of its hubs. Such sharing of individual and SceneTracker-enabled unified views when joint consultation is needed will improve decision-making effectiveness and timeliness.

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