DSP-based speed dome camera to join Eastel's new product roster in 2005

Eastel Taiwan Inc. is currently working on a new security camera product that will incorporate the latest in CCTV technology. The product, which will be released within 2005, will incorporate digital signal processing (DSP) technology.

Eastel Taiwan Inc. has been a designer and manufacturer of CCTV systems for over 10 years. It has also been the system integrator for several government agencies in Taiwan.

The company has factories in Taiwan and mainland China. Its products include various matrices, speed dome cameras, programmable pan/tilt cameras, and fiber optic devices for video and data transmitter and receiver.

Global Sources Electronics interviewed Eastel's export manager, David Huang. Below are excerpts:

Eastel will be releasing a new speed dome camera, right?
Yes, Eastel Taiwan will be producing several speed domes, possibly in the coming six months or so.

Can you tell us more about this new product?
The VTC-460 Series High Speed Dome will be the latest technology that will incorporate the newly- developed Digital Signal Processor. This will help enhance operability and picture quality.

What other features does the VTC-460 offer?
The unit will have auto focus, auto iris function, EV, backlight compensation and auto, manual and priority modes. The dome can pan continuously for 360 degrees, tilt 90 degrees and auto flip 180 degrees.

And how will this be mounted?
A heavy-duty ABN wall bracket will do the trick. This double layer 7-inch dome has a built-in fan and heater to isolate outside temperature and maintain inner temperature at operation range.

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