Cyber-shot DSC-P93 Digital Camera (5.1MP, 2592x1944, 3x Opt, 32MB Memory Stick) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Sony
Model: DSCP93
Max Focal Length: 23.7 mm
Max Horizontal Image Resolution: 2592 pixels
Max Aperture: 10 1/f
Image Format: JPEG
Average User Rating: Number of User Reviews: 20

Reviewed by: nkishore4u from CA on Apr 19, 2005

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Price, Performance, LONG battery life , Timer Function

Weaknesses: Memory Stick Media is costly as compare to other media

Summary: The Camera menu is easy to navigate. Camera takes great pictures and it is easy to carry around. The movie mode of camera can take up to 640x480 resolution with sound, so it can be used as movie recorder in emergency. Overall its the best camera.

Reviewed by: StewJack from TX on Oct 1, 2004

Experience: 50 Days

Strengths: Excellent pictures even with a flash. Quick picture capture. Lot's of features. Will accept regular Alkaline Batteries in case of emergency. Sony quality.

Weaknesses: As previously stated memory sticks more expensive. Uses batteries that charge in an external charger which is bulkier than a normal plug in charger.

Summary: I am very happy with my purchase. The camera has too many options to mention all. Some of the selling points are the excellent pictures both during the day and at night using a flash. In addition, other qualitites include mpeg recording with sound from a built in mic. I also liked the fact that there is an optional underwater housing, available. I have yet to find any true weaknesses.

Reviewed by: prosperolt from NC on Jul 15, 2004

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: Overall picture quality, color depth, lightweight sleek design, easy-to-use, slow-syncro flash, 9 picture modes, LONG battery life, timer function, 640x480 movies inc. sound, either NiMH or Lithium..

Weaknesses: Proprietary media format (Sony Memory Stick & Memory Stick Pro), Cost of media.

Summary: Probably the BEST digital point & shoot camera on the market today.

Not only can you use either NiMH or Lithium for incredibly long battery life, you can use either Memory Stick OR Memory Stick Pro Media for faster picture recording ability (nearly instant) and hundreds of photos (Memory Stick Pro up to 1GB)

I bought this camera as an upgrade to my old Sony for a trip to Europe, what an incredible investment, the battery life lasted THREE days and took up to 200 photos on one charge. For the cathedrals, the slow-syncro flash (delayed flash with longer record time) was amazing capturing ceilings over 50-100ft. away INSIDE.

Another feature I was impressed with was the movie mode, it can take up to 640x480 resolution with sound for as much time as your memory stick can hold! Tested it captures at roughly 30fps depending on your type of media.

The only downside was the only pixel settings they had for taking pictures was 1MP/3MP/5MP (then either at standard mode or fine mode). So instead of taking at 2MP (fine) for most pictures, I was forced to use 3MP (standard) instead. Very minor complaint.

But the pictures that came out were absolutly amazing, this camera is great for people new to digital photography, yet has features that will keep even the experienced photographer happy!

I am very impressed and would recommend this camera to anyone!

Reviewed by: aponniah from MD on Sep 19, 2004

Experience: 60 Days

Strengths: This camera is one of the most compact cameras that delivers the most stunningly vivid images. I think that it pack a great amount of features, such as the well crafted zoom lens.

Weaknesses: I think that the memory pro sticks are priced very high, but I believe that if you are serious about photography and want to caputre memories that it is really worth every penny.

Summary: This product is great for the pice it is offered at. Similar cameras are priced upwards of $360. Prints from this camera are awesome, I have a couple of 10x14s that are crystal clear and they reproduce accurate vibrant colors. Here are some quick features that might convince you to buy it: 5.1 Megapixels, multiple picture settings, manual modes, crisp MPEG movies, small size, long battery life, outstanding pictures and not to metion the "PRICE".

Reviewed by: indy8ree from IL on Jun 21, 2004

Experience: 21 Days

Strengths: New design is sleeker than P92; burst shooting is greatly enhanced; longer battery life

Weaknesses: Trim/Edit feature is gone. Memory stick slot shares same compartment and cover as the batteries so each time you need to change the stick, you are resetting the cam. The P92 had its own media slot.

Summary: An outstanding value for the money. Has lower battery consumption rate than predecessor DSC P92. This is worth mentioning because it uses two AA NiMH rechargeable batteries, very inexpensive compared to proprietary lithium batteries. Burst shooting mode is vastly improved, able to capture 9 consecutive shots at full 5.1 MP resolution (haven't been able to guage fps yet).

Reviewed by: EricaM0817 from OH on Nov 19, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Excellent pixels, turns on fast, great movies, compact

Weaknesses: None that I can see

Summary: Excellent pixels, turns on fast, great movies, compact. I love this camera. My friend had an older version, and I was looking at the dscp92 before it was discontinued. I had an older Kodak that took awhile to turn on, which was one of the biggest problems. This one is great! I'll bring it with me everywhere.

Reviewed by: robpiotrowski from IL on Jan 16, 2005

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: Compact design, very handy, powers on really quick, takes only 2 AA size batt. Extremely good value for the money-less than 270$ total in one of the online stores (jan/05)

Weaknesses: Made in China, My previous camera - Sony DSCP5 was made in Japan! but it is a matter of trust in quality of labor, I guess...

Summary: (Edited January 16th by robpiotrowski) Several things if you considering buying this camera:
1. To take advantage of shooting movies in Fine mode you need Memory Stick PRO - buy min 512 MB (approx. 85$ on ebay -as of Jan/05) don't settle for a smaller ones, you will buy bigger sooner ot later.
2. Invest some extra money in spare NiMH batteries - I got 8 batt + international 1hour charger for 21$ on ebay - I am NOT going to run out of battery power anytime soon :)
3. Do not take it out without a case!
4. A small tripod (less than 5$ on ebay) allows you to be on your own pictures :)
5. Plenty of shooting modes: several preprogrammed, one complete manual (makes you feel like you own a SLR camera) and one total auto - even a toddler can make a picture
6. Setup allows you to create folders on MStick and switch between them (as you take the pictures) - pictures are organized before transferring to your PC
7. Upgradeable - You can buy e.g. telephoto lens or underwater shooting case
8. The only difference between Sony MStick and other brands (SanDisk) is the price !
9. It has 1.5" LCD - the price for being so compact - you need to be comfortable with such a size. If you need strong glasses for reading, look for another model :) Larger LCD usually means bulky camera or extremely costly compact. Larger LCD is also easier to damage...
10. Do read the manual, read it again after you know the basics, you will find something new every time...
11. In my opinion perfect camera for everyday use.

Good Luck! Hope it helps...

Reviewed by: csiqueira from NC on Dec 12, 2004

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Easy to operate, got out of the box and start to learn/use right away. Lots of functions, great resolution.

Weaknesses: The memory stick (32MB) should be bigger and I already bought another for 512MB.

Summary: Great product/price/seller!!!
Bought on 12/07/04 and received by 12/09/04.
Highly recommend PriceGrabber, the camera and the seller BlueSwitch where salesman Jonathan really made a difference.

Reviewed by: npasic from CA on Feb 16, 2005

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: compact, uses widely used AA batteries to operate, great looks

Weaknesses: low battery life, lcd could be bigger

Summary: With this camera you want have any problems using it. The menus are easy to navigate. Camera takes great pictures and it is easy to carry around. Definately if you are looking for a deal this is the one.

Reviewed by: online_buyer_since_1996 from FL on Nov 11, 2004

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: Styling of the body, the brand name, unlimited movie shooting capability, AA batteries

Weaknesses: Photo quality, focusing

Summary: This is my second Sony after the DSC-72.
The photo quality is avarage. 5 megapixel does not mean much without a good image sensor chip I guess. It was also impossible to focus infinity, I was unable to focus onto the Moon, even with a tripod, using manual and auto focus.
Sony is selling with its brand name rather than with the quality of photos taken by its cameras. I decided to get rid of this and get a Canon. Sony image sensors are inferior to many other brands.

Unlimited movie shooting mode is a Sony advantage though.
Exterior design is as Sony as it can get. However, I cannot say the same for the technical aspect of this camera.

Reviewed by: likan from NY on Apr 2, 2005

Experience: 4 Days

Strengths: Price, performance, function, battery life, accessories

Weaknesses: style, workmanship, overall feel/Appearance

Summary: (Edited April 02nd by likan) If you have never owned a Sony Cyber-shot, then the P93A is a great buy. This compact camera is packed with a ton of features and its price makes it a best buy for a point-and-shoot camera.

I have, however, owned another Cyber-shot, the P10, so my perception is a little different.

First off, the P93 is ugly! The round trims at the battery side and the edges give it an awkward feel. It is not nearly as stylish as the P10 or the W series. It looks like a potato.

The back side (LCD side) has a cheap feel to it. If you have ever looked at a guide on how to spot a fake Rolex, then you know the feel. The composition is completely off, for a SONY! Who made the design? There are just too many empty spaces for a compact design by Sony. The LCD and the navigating buttons seemed so small and out of place. Overall, the workmanship is rough. Plus it is made in China, not Japan.

There are some very nice features to it. You can add lens directly onto the P93 with a lens adaptor. The Portable Accessory Flash is good, but not very convenient for light trips. Battery life is great and uses AA's.

Nothing really wrong with the performance of this camera.

Overall, it is a great buy.

Reviewed by: tealtaylor from OH on Jan 7, 2005

Experience: 6 Days

Strengths: Very easy to use,great picture quality and long battery life.

Weaknesses: Could use a larger LCD screen

Summary: This is my second digital camera purchase, and I am VERY pleased with this one. It offers many features for the more advanced photographer, but yet it is simple enough to work for those just beginning. I am very pleased with the picture quality. I would definetly purchase this camera again!

Reviewed by: piercy from NC on May 6, 2005

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: Takes great pictures, very easy to use, perfect size to fit in your pocket for on the go

Weaknesses: would have been nice to come with a DC recharge cord for in-camera recharging instead of having to remove the batteries and place in a recharge pack, you have to buy the DC recharge cord separately

Summary: I have enjoyed my Cyber-shot DSC-P93 very much. I have found it very easy to use and the pictures have been great. I would recommend this camera to anyone who wants a versatile camera for on the go photos. It is very small and easily fits in your pocket. I wish it had a bit more zoom than 3X but its price, size, and ease of use more than make up for any weaknesses.

Reviewed by: mharabagiu on Apr 12, 2005

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: Easy to use

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: This digital camera is easy to handle beeing a frendly tool for a non proffesional photographer also offer good quality pictures at 5.1 Mpixeli
The menu is somehow little to complicated, to manny features and steps to be done in order to use all the facilities offered

Reviewed by: digitalworld on Feb 25, 2005


Strengths: The Sony Cybershot DSC P93A Cam. Looks stylish Great Picture Quality, Can Be Upgraded ( Telephoto Lens ), Very Long Battery Life, Has a (AV) for on TV Screen viewing, , Included a 32 MB Memory stick

Weaknesses: The Weight is a bit heavy, The Memory stick slot should not place it on the battery side.,,didn't like to turn off the cam. to replace a Mem. Stick, The LCD could be a bit Bigger

Summary: Hi, I just bought this Cybershot DSC P93A cam,, a few days ago and I loved it very well ! Great picture quality ( Clear, Sharp, and Crisp ) , Movie MPEG is great, Love the Manual mode .. so many other features,, to come ! , but you must (recommended) to get a 512 MB Memory stick Pro. to have more pictures or longer mpeg video on it !, 32 MB for me,, only could shot 12 pictures at 5 MPIX, which was included, I love the Battery Life,, Last very very long time !,,, and these battery is easier to get in stores.. ( tip for u ),,special batteries like the Canon Powershot S500 uses them,, cost very very high and hard to find in some stores !,, when needed !
I highly recommended this Cybershot DSC P93A Camera to anybody out there ,that is looking for a Digital Camera!
Have a happy snapping !

Reviewed by: hhymxm from TX on Jul 23, 2004


Strengths: NA

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: The product is shipped on time. And the camera has very good quality. The custmor service is good too. If I need to buy any other electronic product, I believe I will buy it from here again!

Reviewed by: dtodesch from FL on Dec 7, 2004

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: small, excellent design, good value (paid $277)

Weaknesses: small screen

Summary: I just bought this camera on Did not do much research, but I have always trusted SONY and this time is no difference. Superb design, lots of features, excellent image quality, and price is just right.

Reviewed by: crazyheha on Mar 31, 2005

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: Light weight. 5MP Camera. Great Price. Take quality picture.

Weaknesses: Use Proprietary Memory Stick. Video record requires more expensive MS Pro. The LCD size is a bit too small.

Summary: To me this is an excellent deal. With the price I pay $199.99, you can beat this! This little (although not as small as some other ultra-portable Digi-Cam, this fits quite well in my pocket and it's light weight) camera has a durable and firm-grip body. It also takes great picture with its Sony Lens (well of course, you can pay $100 more for the Carls-Zeiss lens DSC-P100 model). With all the preset modes, it's more than enough for any casual photo-takers! Also it consumes 2 AA batteries which makes life much easier in the future when you need to buy replacement battery `cause you can find AA NiMH batteries everything with cheap price. It also includes a charger which can charge 2 AA or 2AAA. Although it is a bit bulker, it is a great free add-on. You can also take unlimited length of video clip as long as you have memory left in your MS Pro.
Couple down sides of this camera, it requires MS or MS Pro which is more expensive. The LCD is a bit too small.

Reviewed by: chrisacoulter from TN on Jan 27, 2005

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: Great quality pictures..Works very easily with sony televisions for slide-shows. Easy to use. Good quality for the price. Would recommended it.

Weaknesses: None so far.

Summary: There are so many choices of quality digital cameras available I was amazed. This one was recommended by a store clerk and I took his word. It has lived up to my expectations. Of course you could get better quality for a much higher price. This is works great and is worth it. It works great with the newer sony televisions with picture card capabilities.(just put the memory card in tv slot).If you don't have a newer tv with picture card capabilities, just use your audio and video wire connections. Overall good buy.

Reviewed by: swthomas from TX on Mar 12, 2005

Experience: 5 Days

Strengths: Compact size, selective metering, selective focus, intuitive user interface, currnet price point.

Weaknesses: Does not come with an DC power cord, does not use batteries from other Sony Cyber-shot cameras (DSC-P5)

Summary: This is an upgrade for me and I was able to use and understand the features very quickly. The additional megapixels from my previous 3.2 MP digital allow for more versitility when editing the photos.

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