Cyber-shot DSC-F828 SLR Digital Camera (8.0MP, 3264x2448, 7x Opt) - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Sony
Model: DSCF828
Max Focal Length: 51 mm
Max Horizontal Image Resolution: 3264 pixels
Max Aperture: 2.8 1/f
Average User RatingAverage User RatingAverage User Rating: Number of User Reviews: 32

Reviewed by: rustys from AR on Aug 7, 2004

Experience: 60 Days

Strengths: Love the swivil body, great for shooting down low holds both CF and memory stick. Great lens

Weaknesses: No Pc connections, difficulty working with non sony flashes

Summary: I love this camera! I know many will go on and on about noise and chromatic aberation. All of the 8 meg camera's in this class use the same chip, ( made by Sony) and this one has the best lens! The camera is much heavier than most of it's counterparts, including the digi Rebel, ( and I can vouch that its screen works much better in sunlight than the Rebels. I have big hands, and to paraphrase gov. Arnold, 'This aint no Girlie mans camera'. It doesn't feel sheap in your hand like the digi Rebel and some of the others in this category, ( 8 meags under $1,000)
The Swivil body is a great feature for shooting from low or high levels, and will really change your style of shooting. The built in flash works very well, though my biggest complaint is lack of A PC connection and difficulty working with studio lights or non-sony flashes. ( Sadly a very common failing in this category)
The Battery/Charger is good too, I recently ran the battery down, after over 450 images 5 meg 'low res'images with flash shot that day!
The ability to hold a CF card and a memory stick at the same time is a plus too. you can switch back & forth with a thumb switch.
For non-Studio work, or anything not requiring really fast frame rates or low light,(thats were the noise comes in), it is a great choice. If you want something That really excels in those areas, You should be looking for a Professioal SLR like the Fuji S3 anyway
(The Digi Rebel Won't do them any better, if as well, and you would have to have some good lenses to equal what this one comes with, A 28-200 @ F2.2-2.8 (35mm equv).
I am glad I have mine

Reviewed by: zoom56ok on Sep 2, 2004

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: Almost alarmingly good quality. Good battery life, doesn*t get hot, movable body/lens allows for some shooting latitude in framing, nice timer for self portraits.

Weaknesses: On the large side for a small person. A flip out screen would make it even better. Video function a little tricky at first.

Summary: People are beginning to tell me that I*m picture crazy. But here*s the deal at the start of the summer in May I had to take a training trip, then I had to take one in June and July. Plus August I had some small trips and a big trip to Arizona. And right until August I was just using disposable cameras. But I realized I was putting myself in the poorhouse (at 10 bucks a unit, and half that or more for developing). I*m just a regular guy, but I believe if you go someplace out of the ordinary you should get a picture or 2. So I took all this pictures and most of them came out ok (because I bought the expensive cheap cameras). But with regular cameras you never know if you got the shot, you just have to trust it. Not to mention lighting. And don*t even get me started on focus or framing. So a ※real§ camera seemed like a good choice. But most of the people I want to share pictures with live in other areas, so of course I do it via the net. Now that means lots and LOTS of scanning. So digital seemed the way to go so#

I did a lot of reading. All over the web, and steve*s digi-cam site had a lot of great reviews to work with. I decided if I*ve spent 100-150 on disposable I figured why not get the best digital I could afford. So 8mb was looking good. Canon had a model that*s new, in fact all the big brands now have one. But go to steves site and look at the comparison photos, then look at the list of attributes. For me, for example speed was an issue. Things happen quickly. For example In July I went to see Serena play tennis and the disposable I had was a joke, BUT when I flew over the Grand Canyon in August in a tiny 4 seat airplane with the F828 I really came back with some fast action shots. Not to mention the zoom function. I felt like I was taking military recon shots because I was able to zoom in on tiny towns and cars when we went over the Dam. The Canyon was a good place for photos because like my trip to Sedona the rock formations are very colorful and contrast with the lights and clouds in the sky.

The initial test shots I did were just around the house, junk on the floor looks SURREAL. A camera of this quality makes even mundane stuff look fantastic. And of course unless you*ve got crazy vision, it captures more than the naked eye. I took a picture of a pigeon outside and when I downloaded to the laptop discovered it was missing some ※toes.§ Speaking of that, the software that comes is good, but one weakness is when you put your mouse over the buttons no words come up that tell you what it does. PLUS I lost my instruction book and had to download a copy. So I have to use the computer to edit AND read instructions. Speaking of loosing, I STRONGLY advise a few things; use the neckstrap. You do not want to break this camera. Sony only gives a 90 day warranty. Buy a 1 gig microdrive. You can use the more expensive media stick (no moving parts) but you need the pro version to record video. You can also use a also use a cheaper compact media, but only microdrive will record video (IBM/Hitachi is more slightly more expensive but it WORKS). I was able to capture 256 images at super high jpeg quality-too big to really email to people, so you*ll have to edit, but the images you capture will indeed blow your mind. Hate to sound pretentious, but its true. I took a picture of a homeless dude with all his gear ambling down the street and it looks GREAT. It*s like the insert to a magazine ※the downtrodden.§ I told you everything looks good! Oh and buy a camera bag. That*s 20 bucks you*ll really thank yourself for, between your removable media, the cords, the lens shield, and the instructions if you don*t loose &em you*re going to need a bag.

So quick recap; great camera. I don't know how to take pictures, but my pictures are still coming out properly lite, in focus, and framed the way I thought they should be.

Reviewed by: alella from SC on Sep 2, 2004

Experience: 1 Months

Strengths: Fine optics Great zoom range Impressive resolution

Weaknesses: Color rendition a bit dull

Summary: We have been extremely pleased with this camera. After years of good digital cameras with cheesy optics, it is great to have a quality lens again - and one with an impressive optical zoom. The camera feels great in your hands, and operation is intuitive. Image quality is fantastic. Lots of extras are included, including fun items like very functional MPEG recording, and the infrared night scope.

My only minor complaint would be that color rendition - especially with the built-in flash - is sometimes a bit dull compared with the Kodachrome-like saturation of other cameras from Fuji, etc.

On balance, I highly recommend this camera. If you are a serious amateur photographer who has felt a bit cheap using previous generations of digitals, this camera will bring a smile to your face.

Reviewed by: maddogmerrick on Oct 14, 2004

Experience: 3 Weeks

Strengths: Excellent lens and usability

Weaknesses: Image stabilizer would be nice

Summary: I was going to buy the Canon Digital Rebel until my mate who is a professional photographer advised me to go for the Sony 828 and I am glad I listened to him.

To buy the Digital Rebel and the equivalent lenses on the Digital Rebel will cost 3 times as much as the 828. Also they are much larger in size and heavier.

The Sony takes excellent sharp images, produce good detail and colour.

All the stuff on the internet about purple fringing and high levels of noise are well over exagerrated. I have so far only taken 500 shots and noticed 1 photo with purple fringing. Noise on photos taken at ISO64 and 100 are very low and not really noticable. I think this camera has unfairly received bad reviews cos people simply focus on very minor issues and not look at the bigger picture. For goodness sake, put away your stamp collection, railway set and wellington boots! - Stop being such a techno geek.

The 828 is a great camera and I am very pleased with my purchase.

Reviewed by: lorenroque from CA on May 23, 2004

Experience: 21 Weeks

Strengths: Lots of features, excellent image quality, Compact Flash, swivel lens, typical Sony innovation

Weaknesses: Some purple fringing & ISO noise issues.....can be remidied via post-processing. PF on perhaps 4% of pics so far.

Summary: I have owned the F828 since December 30, and I have taken over 3600 pictures since then. The camera is excellent, and I am amazed at the image quality. The fast Carl Zeiss lens is well suited to most occasions, and the 4-color CCD does seem to reproduce colors better. The eye detail in facial shots is amazing. Other eight-megapixel cameras have come out so far, but none have a sufficiently broad variety of features to qualify as "better" than the F828, and most of them have way too much plastic for my tastes.
I am constantly impressed by the image quality on the prints I have produced, and I have done numerous 12"x18" that are so crisp. I am really looking forward to having a 20" x 30" done by Shutterfly, I just need the right pic....something beautiful like Yosemite Valley! The Compact Flash storage option is great, as I never liked those expensive "memory sticks". The 7x zoom at first seemed like alot, and it really was for the most part, but I have recently started using the Olympus TCON-14B teleconverter (1.45x), and it really makes a difference. You have to use a 62mm - 58mm converter to use the lens, but the total magnification is up to 10.14x. I love the nightshot/nightframing, and the Hologram autofocus is unbeatable. Low-light and evening shots are wonderful, this camera just does a bang up job on nearly everything.
I am very pleased with it.

Reviewed by: wybnormal2004 from CA on Mar 13, 2004

Experience: 3 Months

Strengths: Super sharp pictures. True 8 megapixel. Builtin flash actually works pretty well. Supports BOTH flashcards and Memory Sticks

Weaknesses: Can not switch quickly between modes without removing eye from view finder. No external flash sync

Summary: I was within a day or so of purchasing the Rebel from Canon but was waffling due to the lack of features of the Rebel compared to my old and trusty(?) 950 CoolPix. I had really wanted the next model up but at 1500 plus lens I was having some serious heartburn. I was sent a review of a preproduction Sony and I was very intrigued. It had the features, or most of them, in a reasonably designed body and it had a REAL lens. I bought the camera sight unseen and gambled on the reviews I had read. They were dead on. The camera is a dream to use. Even my wife who is not a photographer has been able to use it effectively. I matched it to a 1 gig microdrive and would not use it any other way. The RAW file are a bit slow due to the camera writing TWO files..a RAW file and a JPEG file. The menus are very easy to use once you get used to the joystick. I do wish once I set the camera there was a quick way to reset it to a default state of my choosing since I forget at times that I have turned things on or off. The camera fits very well into the typical SLR two handed grip. It took no time at all to get use to holding the camera. The lens is very smooth across the zoom and the auto focus when used it quick and works pretty well in low light. The odd shape of an L requires a different camera bag for many but its a small price to pay. I just printed some super A6 print (13x19) and the detail and sharpness of the images are incredible. To fully use the image detail, be prepared to use Photoshop CS or the like.

Reviewed by: gamygaly from CA on Jun 3, 2004


Strengths: Free lens hood, 28 - 200 mm lens, you can move the AF pointer almost anywhere in the frame

Weaknesses: They did not fix the problem with the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F717

Summary: (Edited June 04th by gamygaly) They did not fix the problem with Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F717:
Metering the light is always in the center not connected to the AF point
AF lock work for one shout
There is no Flash Exposure Lock
Annoying shutter release locking issue where you must wait before re-pressing
It takes long time to write TIFF images
Playback zoom is Up to 5x (almost all cameras in the market have 10x)

High noise at the lowest ISO (it is worse then the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F717)

At shutter speed 1/30 & F=2 & ISO 100 you could take picture for subject moving slowly but you can not do that with the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F828 because if you use ISO 100 you will get a lot of noise in the picture

Reviewed by: Tomymoty from TX on Apr 22, 2004

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: Rotating body, F 2.0, fast focus

Weaknesses: High noise at the lowest ISO, Metering the light is not linked to the AF points, Manual option (M) is not really manual

Summary: Metering the light is not linked to the AF points
(You could select AF point to the lift but the metering to the middle were you could have strong light and that makes the subject to the left look dark)

Manual option (M) is not really manual because the EV (exposure compensation or Exposure Value) is always over righting the shutter speed (S) and the aperture (A), and that is a huge problem when you take picture for Children (or other moving subject) moving on the snow or next to the ocean

AE Lock (auto exposure Lock): is for one shot (every shout you will lock it again), that tells you again there is problem to follow subject on the snow or next to the sea (the solution is not given in the manual is to keep pressing the AE Lock button and using the zoom or shutter button or other, it is not fun)

There is no use for the ISO (64 to 800) because if you use the ISO 1600 with other camera you will get less noise in the picture than the Sony F828 at ISO 64

To help the camera see in low light situation you need camera with:
Low f (1.0 每 1.4 每 2.0 每 2.8 每 4.0 每 5.6 每 8.0) the Sony has F 2.0
High ISO (100 每 200 每 400 每 800 每 1600 每 3200 - 6400)
Noise free or low noise at the highest ISO
For example if you are at a party or in church or other situation were is the light is low and you need to take picture without flash (the subject is too far or the subject is close to the flash and you would like to include people dancing in the back or you do not like to bother people or other situation), in situation like that you use high ISO and enjoy the result

Reviewed by: melsedat from TX on Dec 29, 2003


Strengths: Good Size, definitely more comfortable then the F717, Mechanical Zoom versus Electric on the F717, 280-200 mm is a very nice range, since you can't change the lens, this is important.

Weaknesses: Same size sensor as the F717, producing large pictures with way to much NR artifacts.

Summary: (Edited December 29th by melsedat) Ok first things first, I love Sony, I always have, always will. I have been waiting for the release of this camera for close to 6 months now. Before the actual release the specs where more then just promising, 8 MP, New 4 color sensor processing, Compact flash storage, the lens, everything. I was so excited when I heard the news about several sample pictures that had appeared from the first release of the F828 in Asia. Wow, what a disappointment, the pictures looked horrible, just really horrible. So I waited, and thought surely Sony would fix this problem before releasing it in the western market, surely they can't expect people to buy a $1000+ camera that creates very large pictures that look like crap. Then it was time, it was out. It took about 4 days, for the first sample pictures to appear online, I probably looked at all of them and granted, on a lot of the sample pictures the problem is not so much the camera but the person behind it. So the first release in Asia, Noise, lot's of Noise. But what about the camera you'll be buying in the states ? Yes the noise is gone, instead you now see a pitiful software based algorithmic compression (NR) applied to the image in order to reduce the Noise. The result is pictures that even my grandmother would say look "DIGITAL". Here is the deal, go look at the sample pics online, go to the store, hold it in your hands see how you like it. For now I will stick with my F717, till Sony decides to put a better sensor in the F828.

Reviewed by: Ghassankassab on Jan 20, 2004

Experience: 1 Months

Strengths: Shutter speed range is 30 - 1/2000 sec (30-1/16000 Canon EOS-1D), 7 Shots Burst Mode(40 Burst Frames Nikon D2h), 8 Megapixel, 7 Optical Zoom, 2.5 fps Continuous Shooting Speed (8 fps Canon EOS-1D)

Weaknesses: Smart zoom is Like cropping, Noisy above ISO 64, Max ISO 800 (3200 Canon EOS-10D), bad sound with the video, Too much purple fringing, Continuous AF is not Accurate for action shots

Summary: (Edited July 16th by Ghassankassab) You need external flash with tilt & swivel head to stop the read eye (use bouncing light) you could use the flash HVL-F1100 & FLM Shoe-Mount Swivel Ballhead under it, The flash good to trigger slave flashes (the light comes out one time)
You can not take panorama shot

I like the rotating LCD with the new Canon PowerShot pro1 (7 optical zoom, 8 megapixel) or Nikon Coolpix 8700 (8 optical zoom, 8 megapixel)

smaller pixels in the same size CCD Chips give you more details and bigger picture

It is important the Effective Pixels (Maximum Resolution or megapixel) not just the Size of the Sensor (CCD or CMOS)
Because you could have in the same size of sensor more pixels if the size of the pixels smaller

It is all about megapixel
Large format film could get to 20x24 inches (500x600 mm)
600/35 = 17.15 time bigger than 35mm film
If 35 mm equal to 3.5 MP this is tell that this large format equal to 1030 MP (17.15*17.15*3.5 = 1030 MP)

probably we will buy 10 cameras until this day come

The speed of the normal video camera now is 24 to 60 fps (special camera could get to 1000 fps)

Reviewed by: bones1492 from IL on Apr 22, 2004

Experience: 4 Months

Strengths: picture quality, versatility, ease of operation

Weaknesses: size...its fairly large to carry on vacation

Summary: Outstanding perfomer.....people constantly compliment me on the pictures I print and I am totally an amateur...the cam does the work. Set on 5 or 8 megapixels (and/or it makes an email sized picture at the same time) and print your own on a HP photosmart printer and your prints are better than Walgreens produces. Storage capacity is huge (holds 1 gig memory stick and 1 gig complactflash at the same time) , battery power outstanding...3 hours at least without recharge and recharge is very simple and fast.

The way the camera tilts downward makes it easier to see LCD. I love the manual zoom on tele lens instead of a button..more like a 35mm. Low light capacity is awesome. Colors are very very good. I may never need another digital camera. Buy the leather case and the larger carrying case too.

Reviewed by: jmcII from VA on Jun 14, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: Very easy to use the incredible variety of features.

Weaknesses: A little surprising it did not come with any memory card.

Summary: This camera is fully loaded with an incredible variety of features. It is also very easy to use. Very intuitive - no need to spend hours studying the manual - just get a memory card and start taking pictures. We upgraded from a fairly basic digital camera. We wanted single camera that could cover all our picture taking needs - from baby pictures, to sports and action photos (with zoom capabilities), to landscapes, etc. The Sony F828 does it all, and very nicely at that. It is an excellent choice for those that want an easy to use, yet fully featured digital camera.

Reviewed by: StellatoBR from FL on Feb 3, 2004

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: Photo Quality 8 Megapixels! rotating body strong build

Weaknesses: doesn't keep favorite configurations no Mac software slow to save pics (understandable, but still)

Summary: Very strong build, easy to hold, a great improvement on 717 and a very good alternative to Canon SLR.

For somebody who needs a powerful camera, this is a good choice. For night pictures, the focus is great, although you need to work with low iso values.

Overall, the best cost/benefit deal in the high-end category.

Reviewed by: bolkar from MI on Apr 12, 2004

Experience: 8 Months

Strengths: It is one of the highest quality digital camera on the market today. Also, It has the best product design among other cameras.

Weaknesses: Noise on high iso levels

Summary: (Edited November 09th by bolkar) With this camera you wont be only buying a digital camera, but you are also buying a life style. Some of you may find this funny, but it is like driving a Porche, while other people drive Fords, although Fords might go faster. I also need to add that this camera is semi-professional. If you are serious you would go for a DSLR. However it is a pain to use a SLR camera, because when you got an exact moment to take a picture, you dont have the correct lens. While you change the lens, the scene goes away. Also you dont need to carry tons of equipments too.

So, in short words, this camera is for people who wants to buy a camera with very good quality and exceptional style, regardless of money.

Reviewed by: TimShort from CA on Mar 11, 2004

Experience: 4 Weeks

Strengths: Easy to get to know for all the feature's it has.

Weaknesses: Overall, there is really none.

Summary: At first a little scary, but after just about a week it is
very easy to use. One thing that will greatly improve
your picture's is an external flash; I use the SONY
model # (HVL-F32X). The flash is a smart flash so
it auto set's everything in point and shoot mode.
With the flash and camera combo it will turn anyone
into a "PRO". One other thing in "MACRO" mode
this will take shot's as close as .75 inches away. Very good "SONY" youv'e earned your ( A+ ).

Reviewed by: kkshafman from NC on Jun 17, 2004

Experience: 45 Days

Strengths: Excellent lens and zoom. Absolutely beautiful, crisp photos.

Weaknesses: Do not buy accessories online from Sony Style--have had nothing but problems with them.

Summary: I have owned three iterations of this camera: the 505, 717, and now the 828. I cannot imagine a better camera than the 828. It produces stunning prints, and is fairly easy to master if one has some photography background. Even for the amateur, the automatic modes make it almost a point-shoot unit. Most highly recommended!!! (I have a very nice Nikon 35 mm camera, but have not used it at all since I got the 828).

Reviewed by: lealmeida2 from IL on Jun 20, 2004


Strengths: fast turn on. excellente phot quality. nightshot photos

Weaknesses: heavy.

Summary: it is a wonderful camera !! 8 megapixels, fast turn on, auto function is very easy and the mivie function works fantastic. I was a NIKON GUY but now i am in love with Sony cameras!!!

Reviewed by: mender from WI on Jun 23, 2004


Strengths: Excellent color saturation, very fast lens & camera start up, 2 seconds & snapping photos. Great resolution. The magnesium body, is a perfect fit, for my larger hands. Can use CF's . Swiveling lens

Weaknesses: It does suffer from pf, ALL digital camera's do. Less then perfect Raw software. And it's only fair in low light situations. No memory included in purchase.

Summary: Is this camera a joy to hold & use. For an amateur, like me, it is the cat's patooty. It has more then enough bells and whistles, to satisfy most. If near by, go to a Sony outlet store, and CHECK their price, as this (can you spell; under 7) is were I bought my. As far as photograpy skills go, I'm just above retarted, and this camera has me shining. I have installed a 512mb pro stick, and a 1gb ultra ll CF card together, and I'm good to go for a whole day of shooting. If you want the HVL-32x flash unit, at this time 6-21, try Sony in Canada, as it's a drought in the states, like hen's teeth.

Reviewed by: Jonemay on Apr 11, 2004


Strengths: Outstanding build quality. A joy to hold. A joy to print needle sharp pictures even up to A3

Weaknesses: Any small weaknesses more than compensated for by superior performance. Would have liked a default button.

Summary: After many years a Nikon 35mm man, my last FM4S and range of lenses which to my long experience the best 35mm ever built. I was very reluctant to go digital My first the excellent Fuji S602Z but still carried on using 35mm.
In September I read the reviews on the DSC828 My reaction
was it can't be that good. I took a chance and ordered it
the next day. Arrived in February, since then I have sold
Fuji and Nikons with no regrets.
Any problems as with all digital cameras easily corrected in Photoshop

Reviewed by: wflanagan from MD on Jun 12, 2004

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: Easy startup, point and shoot capabilities. Figured it out quickly. If you're a point and shoot photographer, it seems like an easy camera to use.

Weaknesses: None as of yet.

Summary: Camera feels solid and sturdy. The LCD seems to be strong and visible, even in bright light. There's too many features to be an expert this early into the camera, but I'll state that it feels like a very solid, good purchase.

Reviewed by: rcohee1010 from CA on Dec 20, 2003

Experience: 3 Days

Strengths: Easy to use, very user friendly, good size, 8 meg.....

Weaknesses: So far can't find any weaknesses.

Summary: Nice size, easy to use, fast processor, two types of image storage, WOW, nicest Sony has made yet and they always make a great product. I can not find a better digital camera out there.

Reviewed by: magicandy from NC on Jun 8, 2004

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: stunning pictures, long battery life, fast boot, AF. Very user friendly.

Weaknesses: no black/white effect - conversion with photo editing necessary if needed.

Summary: (Edited June 08th by magicandy) I own the DSC-F505V and I loved it. I didn't want to upgrade to the 707 and 717 models. When I found out about the 828 I made the decision to buy it. I like the ergonomic shape. The battery life is very long and I am very happy that I can use memory sticks and CF cards.

Reviewed by: kandoro on Dec 10, 2003


Strengths: The majority of the F707/717 accessories WILL work with the F828. The filter dia. of 58mm matches. All Sony flashes will work with acc. cord attached. Remote adjusts all except manual zoom.

Weaknesses: The weight of add on lenses may provide a problem for the new mechanical zoom lense. Consequently, Sony does not advise using them. The focal length between lenses are similar so they should focus.

Summary: How can anyone truly comment on a camera that has not been released? My comments are based on reviews done by professional photographers which were given cameras in Aug. to test. There is much confusion over what comes with the F828 and what past accessories will work. All reviews have stated without a doubt the Sony flashes and most non Sony flashes will work. They may not exercise all the auto flash features the camera itself can provide, but they will work.The RM-DR1 will work as tested by Steve's Digicams. He also tested the flashes. The add on lenses will attach and the focal spacing can be adjusted if need be. Again, the weight on the manual zoom lense may prohibit their safe use. Based on these fine reviews, I see no reason why the F828 won't prove to be an excellent prosumer digital camera..

Reviewed by: mlafner from NV on Jan 27, 2004


Strengths: Construction is unbeatable. Great features. Pictures are the best in its class.

Weaknesses: Price at little high.

Summary: Hard to beat this camera for what its intended audience is. The swivel is incredibly useful. The live histogram is an indispensable tool. I have no trouble with CA or PF (although I've seen others have it). The autofocus is very fast. The 7X zoom is huge (I was accustomed to 3x).

I also have a wide range of storage options, including MS, MSPro, CF I/II, and microdrive. This is a great camera and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Reviewed by: pcs0 from PA on Feb 25, 2004

Experience: 7 Days

Strengths: Strong, solid performer. Good feel. Excellent picture quality.

Weaknesses: External charger not provided. Select dial a little large.

Summary: Super camera, well built and has so many bells and whistles. Best quality pics are really big so plan on large media or multiple media selections.

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