CyberEye Security Camera will capture them red handed!
The CyberEye Security Camera will automatically record the scene and save it in the built-in memory, up to 680 still images, when it detects an intruder. It uses infra-red LEDs to take pictures at night so you can recognize the culprit with no additional light.

The Cyber-Eye Security Camera has been one of our favorites for years and it just keeps getting better. The ease of use and crystal clear im
ages make this security camera a true hero.

Operating the CyberEye Security Camera is easy. Simply plug the camera into an A/C outlet, attach it to your TV (for setup purpose), program the individual settings, unhook from your TV. Press the activation button on the remote and you're ready to record.

The CyberEye will start saving images when it detects motion. Up to 680 images are stored, with time-date stamp, and sequence ID number for your review.

When you're ready to see what's been captured, simply attach it to the inputs on your TV or VCR and scroll through each image with the remote control It's that easy!

Panic! Full Function Keychain Remote

The full function keychain remote lets you are and disarm the system and also doubles as a Panic! button. Simply press the red button when you are confronted with a situation you want to capture on video and the CyberEye begins snapping pictures, silently.

The CyberEye Security Camera will help you catch the bad guy. Here's a complete list of features.

  • Automatic image capture when intrusion detected. (Motion Activated)
  • Captured images are automatically saved in the built-in memory.
  • Image capture in total darkness using built-in IR LEDs.
  • Convenient setup menu using on screen display. (Your TV or Monitor)
  • Display of recorded date, time and sequence.
  • Deletion of all the saved images.
  • Deletion of selected saved images.
  • Number of images taken during alarm adjustable. (1-8)
  • Recording interval time adjustable. (1-59 seconds)
  • Detection sensitivity adjustable.
  • CCTV camera function and live video recording by connection to VCR.
  • Continuous image capture function by emergency button on remote controll
  • Easy to capture, confirm and delete the images using remote control

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