Custom Pool Safety Offers the SonarGuard Pool Security System from RJE Technologies
Custom Pool Saftey is the first factory authorized dealer of the SonarGuard Pool Security System in the Northeast. SonarGuard is the only alarm that will provide the immediate detection and response needed in an actual emergency, in addition to allowing customers to control access to their pool around the clock.

By applying U.S. Special Forces sonar to swimming pool safety, the ?intelligent? pool safety system SonarGuard, is the first and only water safety product integrated into the pool itself.

?Our goal in developing SonarGuard is to allow families and their children to enjoy their backyard swimming pools with complete confidence,? Robert Jechart, president of RJE Technologies, said. ?The stakes are too high in regard to a child?s safety to not make every effort to create the best solution possible for the homeowners. Home security has evolved into a sophisticated application of detection technology; pool safety should be treated the same way.?

SonarGuard Safeguards Pools with an Invisible Lifeguard

Jechart and his engineers set out to establish a new standard for swimming pool safety systems. He recognized the value of fencing and pool covers as safety barriers, however he steadfastly believed sonar technology applied below the surface could provide another layer of protection. Since the lives of young children are at stake, he reasoned, why not unleash the capability of today?s technology to assure an enjoyable and safe backyard pool experience.

SonarGuard now offers homeowners, parents, grandparents and guardians an ?intelligent? safety system that is integrated with the pool. SonarGuard is the first pool safety technology that creates an invisible, reliable safety net below the surface. If a child breaks the unit?s sonar sound wave pattern, everyone in and around the home is immediately alerted. It is the invisible lifeguard.

Custom Pool Safety Provides Year Round Safety Solutions

Custom Pool Safety has provided pool safety solutions for over 25 years to customers in the Northeast. ?We were looking for the last layer of protection to add to our line of Meyco Safety Pool Covers and All-Safe Pool Safety Barriers,? Bill Woods, Chief Operating Officer of C.P.S. said. ?SonarGuard is the only alarm that will provide the immediate detection and response needed in an actual emergency, in addition to allowing customers to control access to their pool around the clock.? Custom Pool Safety is committed to offering the finest safety products designed to ensure a pool environment all year long that complies with the recommendations of the National SAFE KIDS Campaign.

For more information about the SAFE KIDS Campaign Water Safety Program, visit the web at

RJE Technologies was created in 1999, growing from the sister company, RJE International, founded in 1991. RJE International has been successful in supplying advanced sonar technology and equipment to military, commercial aviation and diving industries. Both companies are based in Irvine, California. For more information, visit the web at

Adco Services Inc., d.b.a. Custom Pool Safety, has been serving pool owners since 1978. Custom Pool Safety has offices in Parsippany and Bernardsville, New Jersey. For more information, visit the web at or call (973) 599-9282.

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