Create a Communication Link Between Your Front Door and Every Telephone
  • Uses existing phone wiring
  • Seamless call waiting
  • Choose from 3 different ring patterns This Telephone Entry System is a convenient way to answer the front door. Visitors activate the system by pressing the doorbell on the outside intercom unit, which then sends a distinctive ring to every telephone. The system allows you to speak with visitors before you answer the door. Adds safety and convenience while answering the door.

    Ease of Installation and Use
    Designed to be installed using the existing phone wiring this system creates a communication link between your front door and every telephone in the house. Once a distinctive ring is heard, simply pick up any telephone handset and press "#" or "*" twice to begin speaking to the visitor.


    • Enclosure: C-0111 (12.75" 7.5" mini security enclosure) includes lock and key

    • Channel Vision part # TE110

    • Channel Vision 2 year limited warranty

    Doorstrike Relay (#50711)
    For use with the Telephone Entry System (#50710). With this option, you can allow visitors access by pressing "9" on your phone. The Compact size allows for versatile installation. Lock not included. Channel Vision part # TE110DS

    Intercom Units
    These intercom units integrate a weather resistant speaker/microphone, and doorbell button. Combine this unit with the Telephone Entry System (#50710) for a complete residential telephone access control package. Available in several colors to match your home's d¨¦cor: oil-rubbed bronze (#50712), brass (#50713), white (#50714), and the popular antique brass (#50715).


    • Dimensions: 4 ?" x 2 ?" x ?"

    • Fits into a single gang box

    • Size: 2"

    • Depth: .73"

    • Impedance: 8ohms

    • Power Peak: 0.2 W

    • Frequency Response: 500Hz-4.5kHz

    • Magnet Type: Alnico