Cordless Phone with LED Globe for Caller ID and Greetings
See who's calling on handset display or from across the room

  • Choose from built-in year-round greetings or create up to six of your own

  • Greetings spin on globe along with date and time

    Don't dash across the room to check your caller ID box each time the phone rings. This cordless phone's base contains a futuristic globe that features scrolling Caller ID information as well as scrolling messages in your choice of three languages that can be seen from anywhere the room! Floating LED messages spin in the Caller ID Globe, which can show the names and phone numbers of 54 recent callers along with a real-time clock. It will display year-round greetings, or you may even program up to six alert messages of your own.

    The handset's backlit LCD provides three lines of information, including date and time and Caller ID/Call Waiting ID information. Miss a call? No problem: the Caller ID memory stores up to 64 names and numbers. Scroll through them, selecting which to erase or keep for future reference. Additional handset features include 10-number speed dial memory (up to 16 digits per number), a total call counter, and six levels of LCD contrast control. The handset offers three levels of volume control and comes with three interchangeable faceplates in varying colors.

    Caller ID and Call Waiting ID are subscription services provided by your telephone service provider.

    Details & Specifications
    The Caller ID Globe w/5.8GHz Phone has a page feature in which the base unit will page the handset to aid in locating it.


    Olympia Product No.:


    Phone: 6.5" x 2" x 1.25"; base: 8.1" x 5" x 4"


    Random Security Codes:

    1 year, limited

    What's Included

    • InfoGlobe Plus base

    • Cordless phone

    • Owner's manual

    • Phone cord

    • NiMH Battery

    • 3 Faceplates

    • Power cord