Control 20 A/V Devices, Even Through Walls and Doors!

  • Controls up to 20 different devices
  • Uses both IR and RF signals
  • Extensive macro capabilities

    How many remote controls are littering your coffee table? Two? Four? Eight? Control up to 20 components with a single unit with the Omega MX-650 IR/RF Remote. This powerful ergonomic remote has an easy-to-read LCD screen that lets you select any feature from any of your components at the push of a button. Its extensive macro programming capabilities allow added ease of use, and if you add the MRF-250 RF Base Station (sold separately), the Omega will be able to control your components from up to 100 feet away, even through walls and doors! The RF Base Station is required for this operation and can be added at any time; if you're buying the Omega and already know you'll want to take advantage of its RF capabilities, the Omega and the RF Base Station can be purchased together as a kit.

    Setting up your Omega to replace all your existing remote controls can be done in a few minutes since it uses both automated and customized operations. Enter the codes for your devices listed in the manual; if you have any components that aren't listed, the Omega has learning capabilities to accept each of the devices' features.

    The Omega can operate 20 different devices, but that doesn't mean its operation is confusing. When you press the button to select a device, only that device's functions appear on the LCD, which will hold up to four pages of options.

    If you own two or more Omegas, you can even copy and transfer all the setup from one Omega to another. Edit the text on each LCD screen exactly as you prefer. With up to 26 screens and 10 buttons per screen, you can program a total of 260 available text buttons and up to 5 characters per button.

    The powerful memory of the Omega MX-650 IR/RF Remote offers up to 912 potential macro buttons. Each of these macros can play back up to 190 steps with one touch. For example: a single touch to the ON button could turn on the TV, the surround sound system, and the satellite receiver, then set the TV to the correct video input, the surround system to the right audio settings, and finish by selecting your favorite satellite TV channel. And since the Omega stores all of your settings in non-volatile flash memory, you'll only need to program macros once, and it will last up to 10 years, even with dead batteries.

    You don't need to surf through hundreds of channels in order to see what's playing on the only ones you watch regularly. Program up to 50 favorite channels on the Omega, and you'll be able to see all of them on five LCD screens, allowing you to access the one you want with a single button press.

    If you keep your components behind closed doors or in another room in your home, you'll still be able to manage them using the Omega's RF signal capabilities by adding the MRF-250 RF Base Station, which converts radio signals to standard infrared commands and sends them out via a built-in front blaster and/or its six included self-adhesive flashers to your individual components. This way, the components will still receive the signals, no matter which direction you point the Omega! The flashers relay infrared commands to components out of sight of the front blaster. The flashers plug into the rear flasher line output jacks. Each flasher has a 10-foot cable to reach components on nearby shelves easily.

    You can set the signal for each device to be IR line-of-sight only, RF only, or IR and RF simultaneously. Additional features include an adjustable-contrast bright white backlight.


    Universal Remote Control Product No.:
    MX-650 OMEGA


    8.5" x 2 7/16" x 1"

    8 oz. (with batteries)

    Learning Capability:
    784 IR commands

    Macro Capability:
    472 Macros of up to 190 steps each

    LCD Size:
    Approximately 7/8" x 1-7/8"

    Infrared: 60 feet; radio frequency: 100 feet

    RF Frequency:

    Four AAA alkaline batteries

    1 year, limited

  • Remote control

  • 4 AAA alkaline batteries

  • Manual