Connect up to Four A/V Devices Simultaneously

  • Works with older TVs not equipped for newer devices
  • Converts up to four audio/video sources to VHF for viewing on any TV
  • Switches between video sources and cable/antenna at the push of a button
  • Eliminates the need for extra monitors

    If you have an older television, you may not have enough inputs to connect all of you video devices°™and the inputs you do have may not work with the video components you have. The video switch lets you easily connect up to four A/V devices simultaneously°™without having to constantly disconnect and reconnect each device. It also features a front panel video input for convenient camcorder or video game connection. Each video input on the video switch also has an S-video jack, so you can connect any type of device. Push one of the four select buttons on the front of the video switch to choose between your satellite TV, DVD/VCR/DVR players, games, or camcorder with ease. , and sold separately.

    The 4-Input Video Switch and RF Modulator converts the video signals from up to four sources and modulates them to one channel (VHF channel 3 or 4). Its separate VHF antenna/cable input simplifies installation and lets you switch between your cable TV/off-air antenna and any of the connected video devices. Because the video switch is equipped with RCA-type outputs and RF coaxial outputs, it can connect to virtually any TV, including older models. The video switch lets you play old home videos or a more current digital camera slide show on the same TV. It also features S-video jacks and front panel push-button switching for convenience and versatility.


    Terk Product No.:

    2" x 9 1/4" x 9 7/8" (5.08 x 23.495 x 25.083cm)

    Modulator Weight:
    2.25 lbs. (1.021kg) including AC adapter

    Transformer input: 120V, 60Hz

    Signal Inputs:
    4 video inputs
    (left & right audio)
    4 S-video jacks
    1 antenna RF input

    Signal Outputs:
    1 RF output to TV

    Frequency Ranges:
    VHF Channel 3 or 4

    1 year

  • Terk 4-Input Video Switch and RF Modulator base unit

  • AC adapter

  • Manual