Connect Any Ethernet-Enabled Devices to Your Wireless Network

  • Ideal for gaming consoles and media set-top devices
  • Connection speed of up to 108 Mbps
  • 802.11b compatible

    Reduce network cable clutter in your home by easily converting your Ethernet-enabled devices into wireless devices. The Ethernet to Wireless Bridge Adapter converts any Ethernet-enabled device into an 802.11g wireless device. This adapter will plug into the Ethernet port of your game system, PVR, or even your network camera and turn them into wireless devices, so you'll be able to use them anywhere in the house. Gamers can even join multiple-player video games with others on the Internet using a high-speed broadband connection.

    The Ethernet to Wireless Bridge Adapter is the ideal solution for enabling wireless connectivity for your Ethernet-enabled media set-top box or printer. Continue to share your network peripherals, but now using the freedom of wireless connectivity.

    Adding the Ethernet to Wireless Bridge Adapter to your existing wireless network is simple and can be quickly configured to connect to your wireless network in minutes. Simply plug the adapter into your Ethernet-enabled device, and connect to your wireless network. No driver is required during installation. For advanced configuration, the Ethernet to Wireless Bridge Adapter has a Web-based admin utility for easy management. The Ethernet to Wireless Bridge Adapter can be used for direct peer-to-peer communication with other wireless devices, or can connect to a wireless router or access point to access the Internet or other devices on your network.

    The Ethernet to Wireless Bridge Adapter supports the 802.11g networking standard and delivers a maximum wireless signal rate of up to 108Mbps, ideal for transferring large video files. The user-friendly Web-based management utility makes changing device configurations quick and easy. The Ethernet to Wireless Bridge Adapter is also backwards compatible with 802.11b networks, allowing you to connect to public hotspots, routers, access points, or other wireless adapters.

    This compact unit supports several advanced security features, including Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and 128-bit WEP encryption for an enhanced secure wireless connection.


    D-Link Product No.:


    3.5" L x 3.2" W x 1.6" H (90mm L x 82mm W x 40mm H)

    0.34 lb. (153g)

    IEEE 802.11g , IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u

    Device Management:
    Web-Based (Internet Explorer v6 or later; Netscape Navigator v6 or later; or other Java- enabled browsers)

    Wireless Data Rates:
    Super G? 108Mbps, 54 Mbps, 48 Mbps, 36 Mbps, 24 Mbps, 18 Mbps, 12 Mbps, 11 Mbps, 9 Mbps, 6 Mbps, 5.5 Mbps, 2 Mbps, 1 Mbps

    64/128-bit WEP; WPA Wi-Fi Protected Access (64/128-bit WEP with TKIP, MIC, IV Expansion, Shared Key Authentication)

    Media Access Control:
    CSMA/CA with ACK

    Wireless Frequency Range:
    2.4 GHz to 2.4835 GHz

    Wireless Operating Range:
    Up to 328 feet (100 meters) indoors; up to 1,312 feet (400 meters) outdoors

    Modulation Technology:
    Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM); Complementary Code Keying (CCK)

    Receiver Sensitivity:
    54 Mbps OFDM, 10% PER, -68 dBm; 48 Mbps OFDM, 10% PER, -68 dBm; 36 Mbps OFDM, 10% PER, -75 dBm; 24 Mbps OFDM, 10% PER, -79 dBm; 18 Mbps OFDM, 10% PER, -82 dBm; 12 Mbps OFDM, 10% PER, -84 dBm; 11 Mbps CCK, 8% PER, -82 dBm; 9 Mbps OFDM, 10% PER, -87 dBm; 6 Mbps OFDM, 10% PER, -88 dBm; 5.5 Mbps CCK, 8% PER, -85 dBm; 2 Mbps QPSK, 8% PER, -86 dBm; 1 Mbps BPSK, 8% PER, -89 dBm

    Wireless Transmit Power:
    15 dBm (32 mW) 2dB

    External Antenna Type:
    1.0dB gain with reverse SMA connector

    Operating: 32F to 149F (0C to 55C); Storing: 4F to 167F (-20C to 75C)

    95% maximum (non-condensing)

    Power Input:
    Ext. Power Supply DC 5V, 2.0A

    Safety & Emissions:
    FCC, UL

    3 years

  • Installation guide

  • Manual CD

  • Ethernet cable

  • Power adapter

  • Ethernet-to-Wireless Bridge

  • Mounting materials