Concept Quad Triplex Multiplexer digital camera features
Quad Triplex Multiplexer 344.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

View and Record all your cameras onto one video tape - at the same time!

Digital quad multiplexer offers high resolution viewing, recording and playback in quad or full screen images
High resolution (768 x 512)
Connect up to 4 cameras
Built-in real time clock - time and date stamping
Multi screen display options
Picture freeze in playback
2 x digital zoom
Alarm and video loss detection
Easy to use on screen set-up menus
Selectable time-lapse recording mode and VCR trigger record support
Easy connection to wireless CCTV camera receivers or wired CCTV cameras
Connect to any TV, VCR or security monitor

This multiplexer allows up to 4 camera signals to be viewed and/or recorded at the same time. This is done by recording full screen and resolution pictures by electronically coding each image, synchronising the signals and making each one with a code, which then allows all 4 cameras to be replayed independently from the video tape.

This multiplexer will record pictures on the video tape, display multiple pictures on a single monitor and will even continue to record even when the system is being viewed.

System includes:
Quad Triplex Multiplexer
Phono to BNC converters x 4
BNC to Scart Lead x 2
BNC ?BNC Lead x 1

Connect to a time lapse video for continuous long term recording of up to 4 cameras. Mitsubishi 24 Hour

Please also see this product at discounted prices bundled with cameras - click below:


If budget is an issue the provides a similar solution for ?9.95 but with 25% of the resolution for each quad image.

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