Concept Concept DMR 16 Camera Digital Video Recorder digital camera specification
Concept DMR 16 Camera Digital Video Recorder From 669.95 (inc VAT and FREE delivery)

This professional security system achieves 120, 240 or 500GB digital storage and multiplexing across 16 cameras in one box removing the need for separate units.

Record up to 16 cameras simultaneously
120GB, 240GB, or 500GB hard disk included
Record at up to 18fps spread across all cameras
Uses wavelet compression to record onto the hard disk
Remove footage from the hard drive by connecting up to a TV and VCR
Built-in motion detection
Data Protection Act Compliant
Quick multiple search function by date/time, alarm, full list.
Security password protection
Full screen digital zoom of any camera during playback
Digital quality single channel audio recording.
Hard Drives can be set to rewrite or can be swapped with new units once they are full.
Easy to use
Up to 96 hours Real Time Recording or 8096 hours time lapse recording
Built-in motion detection
Alarm Inputs and Alarm Output for alarm triggered event recording and external device control
Will automatically continue recording after a power failure.
Tested for 48 hours before dispatch
1 Year Guarantee

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