Compact Camera features 4.2 megapixel resolution

The New TM-4100CL Boasts 4.2 Megapixel Resolution and Compact Size

JAI PULNiX's newest dual-tap AccuPiXEL camera, the TM-4100CL, offers an exceptionally high resolution of 4.2 million pixels. The TM-4100's dual-tap architecture allows it to fully exploit its state-of-the-art Kodak KAI-4021 imager capabilities, producing a full resolution 2048 (h) x 2048 (v) image at 15 fps. The KAI-4021 imager has a high charge conversion of 32 V/photon yielding exceptional light sensitivity compared to other megapixel imagers. Partial scanning allows frame rates of up to 80 fps at reduced vertical resolution. The TM-4100's Camera Link digital interface allows the user to easily harness this high-end performance without bulky or expensive cables. The TM-4100CL features full asynchronous reset with electronic shutter up to 1/16,000 sec or pulse-width exposure control.

The TM-4100CL features all of the attributes and capabilities that have made the AccuPiXEL line of cameras so popular, including modular configuration, compact size, and PULNiX's patent-pending LUT (look-up table). The LUT provides fast 10-bit to 8-bit pre-processing for effective image-feature enhancement. A user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) is provided, allowing easy serial control of all camera functions via the Camera Link interface. The TM-4100CL's compact size (50.8 x 50.8 x 81.5) and relatively low mass make it attractive for a wide variety of applications. These include machine vision, medical imaging, intelligent transportation systems, high-definition graphics, gauging, character recognition, documents archiving, and surveillance.

The TM-4100CL (monochrome) and TMC-4100CL (color Bayer) are available now. Volume pricing is available upon request.

JAI PULNiX, Inc. Corporate Information

JAI PULNiX, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality, industrial-grade cameras for the machine vision, security, manufacturing, military, aerospace, medical and scientific markets. JAI PULNiX includes an ITS (intelligent transportation systems) division that develops and implements ITS solutions for government and private organizations.

JAI PULNiX provides the broadest camera offering of any industrial matrix camera manufacturer in the world. JAI PULNiX's product line features both CCD and CMOS technologies, spatial resolutions from VGA to multi-mega pixel, progressive scan and interlaced format, and sensitivity to light levels as low as .00001 lux. Our camera offerings include both monochrome and color, capture rates from real-time to over 1,000 fps, and a wide variety of physical interfaces including Camera Link?. We also offer many other crucial, cutting-edge capabilities.

JAI PULNiX is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer and customer-driven organization well known for high quality, technical innovation, and miniaturization. JAI PULNiX follows a policy of Total Quality Management (TQM) that builds in quality at every step through continuous process improvement. "Quality" at JAI PULNiX means meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations consistently and efficiently.

About the JAI Group

JAI was established in 1963 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has subsidiaries in Japan, the US, and the UK. The JAI Group has annual sales of more than $40 million (USD) and employs 250 people worldwide. The JAI Group's mission is to develop and distribute user-friendly tools for the professional international world market by combining electronic eyes and electronic brains into a meaningful whole.

JAI has two primary businesses: JAI Camera Solutions and JAI Systems. JAI Camera Solutions is a component supplier that designs, manufactures and markets CCD and CMOS camera solutions primarily for the ITS, medical and industrial machines vision markets. Our cameras help improve our customers' businesses in a variety of ways, whether by improving quality and accuracy, lowering costs, increasing yields, or simply enabling better service. JAI Systems is one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialized traffic systems. Our solutions are based on JAI-developed hardware and software, which is often integrated with third-party products.

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Compact Camera features 4.2 megapixel resolution.

October 7, 2004 08:06 - Measuring 50.8 x 50.8 x 81.5 mm, TM-4100CL AccuPiXEL camera has dual-tap architecture that allows it to fully utilize Kodak KAI-4021 imager capabilities, producing full resolution, 2048 x 2048 images at 15 fps. Imager has charge conversion of 32 V/photon, and partial scanning allows frame rates to 80 fps. Equipped with digital interface and look-up table, camera features full asynchronous reset with electronic shutter up to 1/16,000 sec or pulse-width exposure control.


Ken Zinsli Director, Sales and Marketing
Phone: 408-747-0300

General Information:
Steve Kinney Product Manager
Phone: 800-445-5444

Company Information:
Address: 1330 Orleans Drive
City: Sunnyvale
State: CA
ZIP: 94089
Country: USA
Phone: 800-445-5444
FAX: 408-747-0660

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