CompAmerica announces newest Ultra Light and Slim 4.3 lb. Intel? Centrino? Laptop: the Blue Eagle 2100


The Blue Eagle Laptop: an "ultra-light and slim" both in weight (4.3 lbs), in battery use and on the pocketbook, was anounced by CompAmerica. The newt Intel? Centrino? Laptop, the Blue Eagle 2100, features new Intel Pentium M (code name "Dothan") CPU with 2MB L3 Cache. It starts at $1395. Included with it: Windows XP, latest Intel 2200 Wireless Lan 802.11G, 12.1" Wide Screen LCD, 256M DDram, 40G Mobil hard disk, CDRW/DVD, and built in Video Camera.

CompAmerica ( announces a new little Intel? Centrino? Laptop weighing 4.3 pounds, including the CDRW/DVD Drive, battery and it's 1280x800 LCD screen.

CompAmerica's ads call it "our newest, slimest, lightest, stylish-est and fastest little Centrino? laptop!"

The Blue Eagle 2100 () weighs in at only 4.3 pounds, sports a new 12.1" Wide Super XGA LCD Screen with 1280 x 800 resolution and a High Output True Color anti-Glare design that introduces a new feature called "progressive anti-aliasing" to eliminate rough edges from screen fonts and sharp graphical shapes. It's wide angle of view is said to makes it appropriate for solo or group viewing.

Blue Eagle features the new version of the Intel Pentium M (code name "Dothan") CPU. The base model starts with the Pentium M 1.5GHz with 2MB L3 Cache. Unlike other small, light and slim laptops, the Blue Eagle's performance is said to equal a high end workstation or server due to the use of a large cache model of the Pentium M, a fast bus, and proprietary mainboard data transfer and prefetch cache logic based on nAST(tm) technology, a CompAmerica innovation.

The basic Blue Eagle 2100 package starts at $1395, complete.

That includes the Blue Eagle 2100 with Windows XP, 1.5GHz Pentium M w/2MB L3 Cache, and latest Intel 2200 Wireless Lan 802.11G Wifi. It includes the company's new 12.1" Wide Screen 1280x800 LCD screen complimented by a Combo CDRW/DVD Drive, 256MB of double data rate RAM, a high speed 40GB Mobil Hard Disk Drive and CompAmerica's unique built-in Digital Video Conferencing camera, found on all CompAmerica laptops.

The basic package includes dual USB 2.0 at 480MBPS, one PCMCIA Slot for any tyle Type I, II or III PC card adapter, the Extreme-AGP8x Intel Graphics Technology Video (64MB Shared Memory) Adapter, 3D surround-sound audio with stereo speakers and microphone, a Synaptics touchpad with scrolling button, a laptop carry bag and is powered by an AC Adapter and a "charge it inside" Lithium ION Battery which provides up to 8 hours of continuous duty operation.

Security for the Blue Eagle, as with all CompAmerica computers, is provided by CompAmerica's STATION X, a security division that has tailored a variety of countermeasures designed to keep the Blue Eagle safe from viruses, spy-ware/trojan-downloader interference, and other security problems.

This Blue Eagle has a small profile: 11.6"(W) x 9.3"(D) x 1"(H) in size and as mentioned, weighs only 4.3 pounds.

Despite it's small size, CompAmerica states that it was designed to provide a very wide orientation landscape view on it's LCD Screen so as to give it an excellent user experience, best quality graphics with plenty of room on the screen. As a result, despite the small size, CompAmerica indicates that there no over crowded icons or squashed pictures as are often found on smaller laptops. And CompAmerica says that one does not have to sacrifice performance to achieve it's small size and weight.

The Blue Eagle supports all Microsoft Windows O/S's, and most Linux O/S distributions, along with the next Microsoft O/S code named Longhorn and can be use with Microsoft 2000 and 2003 Server for mobil server applications.

CompAmerica also indicated the new product can be customized at time of order.

For faster speed requirements, CompAmerica indicated one can choose from one of the available optional CPUs (1.7, 1.9, 2.0GHz).

These faster Dothan/Centrino Intel Pentium M CPUs up to 2.0GHz and when coupled to up to 1GB of Memory and other hard drive choices up to 80GB or a new 60G / 7200 RPM mobil drive are all designed to save power for a long battery run time.

To create DVDs as well as CDs, the standard CDRW/DVD can be replaced by an optional DVD Rom Rewriter Drive, which is an available, modestly priced factory option.

CompAmerica said this slim and fast laptop was given designer looks, so it would be attractive for college students who are aesthetically conscious, in the corporate office, for entertainment or in the Soho.

The Blue Eagle, like all CompAmerica laptops comes with a standard 1 Year Return/replacement warranty that can be extended up to 4 years at a modest price, considered one of the longest in the industry.

CompAmerica, , located in Cranford, NJ is a 35 year young New Jersey based computer hardware and systems company, that manufactures and resells a large variety of computer equipment. CompAmerica has focused on achieving the best service, support, quality of product and price, when viewed comparably with others.

The company's Blue Eagle 2100 website is , and it's toll free number is 1-888-ASK-CSS-1.

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