The second age of the security camera
Comments: The second age of the security camera

Even taking those photos was risky.

Some years ago a friend and I went into central London to shoot some camcorder footage of CCTV cameras for an amateur drama film we planned to make. Within a few minutes two police cars drove up and armed police politely yet firmly quizzed us about who we were (name, address, phone number), what we were doing, where else we'd been filming, whether we supported "the Irish cause" (did they really expect us to say "yes, we're IRA members planning an attack"?).

Of course we answered all their questions. It's difficult to stick to your principles when surrounded by people with big guns. My one act of defiance was to leave the camera switched on, albeit pointing downwards, so that everything said was recorded.

During the interrogation one officer was on the radio and once he'd determined we were harmless (a bit insulting really) they sent us on our way - with a strict warning that if we wanted to film CCTV cameras in future we needed written permission. Otherwise, next time it might be "the anti-terrorist lot" who stopped us and we *wouldn't* like that...

We abandoned the film permanently and went straight to the nearest pub.

Posted by: Trevor Mendham on August 3, 2003 12:13 AM

Dear White Rose

This may come as a shock.........

The output / content from many of the remote cameras in the UK will be available for purchase by you and I as browsable content on mobile phones within 30 months.

There are already initiatives well under way in this regard. Some of which I'm involved in. OOOOER.....How sinister!

The revenues will inevitably pay for the rest of the country to be "camera'd up".

Once the country is completely wired we will effectively have another stealth tax by the state praying on Joe Public's love affair with voyeurism.

Just thought you may be interested!

Kindest regards

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